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Welcome to the Wiki. This Wiki is a private Wiki with limitations on the page creation to Members and Invitees. Visitors are welcome to make constructive postings and editing of the discussion or 'talk' pages associated with most regular pages of the Wiki.

The Central Purpose of this Wiki is to present information from and about the Trilogy of Books entitled My Big TOE by Tom Campbell. This is in aid and support of disseminating this information. There is also information about subjects covered in Tom's books by other authors and authorities. In addition, information posted by Tom on the My Big TOE Forum or bulletin board, associated with Tom's web site: [] is also included as posted by Tom to extend and further explain things in his books and answer specific questions of readers. There is also additional information as posted on the forum by others or generated by others that extends and explains things in the My Big TOE Trilogy. There are also articles on other individuals with references to their publications and web sites who are 'fellow travelers' and contributors to the coming scientific paradigm shift back to the ancient paradigm of Consciousness as the basis of reality and source of everything as enunciated for instance by ancient Indian metaphysicians and the Buddha.

This information is provided in 'traditional' Wiki/encyclopedia articles as opposed to the original forum postings or other sources with references linking back to that source material. Since these articles will be as written and edited by others than the originators, Visitors are welcome to point out errors and omissions on the discussion pages. This is valuable information and is appreciated. This Wiki is intended to become the Reference source for information originally appearing on the My Big TOE Forums, especially as originating from Tom Campbell.

It is not intended that any materials that are copyrighted appear here within the Wiki without express permission of the copyright holder which should be noted and dated. Your notice of any inadvertent violation of this Wiki policy is appreciated and will be honored immediately.

Enjoy your explorations on the My Big TOE Wiki.

--Ted Vollers 11:53, 24 May 2011 (CDT)