AUM Is a Metaphor

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One quick caution on the question: what data stream does AUM get? Is he aware of us?

The question carries an implicit assumption that AUM is a separate thing relative to us. If you think of us being AUM and AUM being us, that shines a different light on it. AUM doesn’t necessarily live in its own little separate corner of reality from which he can visit the little people when he wants to. AUM is a metaphor for the abstract concept of a Larger Consciousness System (LCS). We PMR bound humans require our metaphors to be separate from us in function and perception (an individual) because we are separate individuals with independent perceptions and cannot conceive of an aware being as being anything else -- but it is our specific PMR rule set that makes us separate and independent. AUM is not bound by such a rule set.

Metaphors such as AUM are absolutely necessary, otherwise we could not speak to each other, but do not lose sight that the reality behind the metaphor is beyond our comprehension in terms of our PMR experience. Although giving independent attributes and functions to AUM does indeed further our ability as a group of individuals to conceive and understand the Larger Consciousness System , do not wander so far down that path as speculating on detailed separate PMR human-like characteristics (such as what is in AUM's private data stream), that you get lost in meaningless specificity of characteristics that lie beyond the necessary logical function of AUM. To burden the concept of AUM (the Larger Consciousness System) with our own belief system places logically unnecessary constraint (a belief trap) upon the concept and its metaphor -- thus muddying the water rather than clearing it.

Better to just live with uncertainty and remain open minded and skeptical than to specify out of habit and belief (it must be that way, how else could it be?) what is un-specifiable. Details unnecessary to the logical exposition just clutter the result.


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