A New Kind of Virtual Reality

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AUM the Creator

We left AUO as it transitioned itself into AUM in the process of creating many NPMR Virtual Realities to accommodate the vast and constantly increasing number of IUOCs needing to be provided with a consciousness and start them on the path of reducing their internal entropy. AUM is now compartmentalized in a fractal arrangement with many independent NPMRs within each compartment, served by a instantiation of The Big Computer as a directing hub and interface to AUM. This is what makes it AUM specifically. Each NPMR is a VR and a Meta Reality and thus the participating IUOCs have free will in their interactions, permitting their conscious development. Considerable time as measured in system state cycles presumably pass, unknown to us gains and changes are made, but our concerns on these pages is in terms of the achievements of benchmarks in the development of Consciousness Space and The One Consciousness. A new such benchmark is in the offing as AUM expands its experimentation in types of Virtual Realities. We have no way to know the full range of experiments engaged in as there are many more NPMRs than one individual could experience to the point of seriously differentiating between, mapping their characteristics and understanding them as based within one PMR lifetime of experience. There is no central source of such information, such as effectively a library, available other than within AUM itself. Tom Campbell has done a substantial sampling but nowhere near a comprehensive analysis. NPMRs do not come with a sign mounted at the entrance stating the experimental conditions being investigated within. There is actually no direct access to this information at the IUOC level. It can only be inferred, if that can in fact be done by spending time there. Since you bring into experiencing an NPMR your own history from PMR, you can only subjectively interpret that experience, colored by your PMR experience which tends to conceal the native capabilities or rule set of that NPMR. While there are no eyes in that NPMR for instance, you can subjectively interpret incoming data as visual. Observing the actual NPMR objectively on its own terms is most difficult while passing that experience through the 'lens' of a PMR existence.

The New Meta Reality Paradigm as Calculated

We can really only work backwards from the end point of the present where we are now experiencing a PMR type VR in speculation as to how AUM arrived at such an invention. It is an entirely new paradigm compared to the general nature of NPMRs which are based upon communication between participating IUOCs. There is a new and expanded role for The Big Computer by which it earns its name in Tom Campbell's TOE. It is now not just a communication hub and interface between the IUOCs participating in the VR and AUM but now an active creator function is provided in the calculation of the physicality aspect of the experience. The PMR type VR has a physical appearing reality as defined by a rule set and that physicality is calculated by The Big Computer based upon a fractal and probability based algorithm that we refer to as a probability cloud. This represents a substantial reduction of calculation load in the generation of the VR as it is to be observed by the participating IUOCs as noted below. But it is a substantial extension of the concept of a VR beyond the myriad NPMR VRs created so far. Advantages of creation and extension with time of a PMR type VR are considered to be as follows:

  • Continuous point by point calculations are not required for the whole VR as in a 3D simulation typical in PMR science or entertainment technology. Using probability calculations, a simpler calculation scheme is possible. Detailed calculations rendering the experience for an IUOC are only required to provide data for direct observation by a conscious PMR participant of whatever level it functions at. These calculations are only required in fact if there is such an IUOC requiring such a rendering. For major time periods when there are no conscious participants in the VR capable of accessing a particular fractal level or a particular 'physical' region, calculation can proceed rapidly on, entirely on the basis of the progression of the probabilities with no detail rendering at all.
  • The general design is based upon fractal geometry and fractal based calculations. Fractal levels that are not observable by participating IUOCs as being beyond their perception level need not be calculated other than as a probability. This will be discussed further as the concept and functioning of the Virtual Reality Rendering Engine as a sub function of The Big Computer is described on other pages.
  • The use of simple rule sets repeated as in fractals and of reiteration are common design aspects of the new VR, producing complex results from simple origins.

The New Meta Reality Paradigm as Experienced

Additional advantages and characteristics are results of this approach to generating and calculating a physicality for the VR as opposed to the non physical NPMR type VR.

  • The primary extension of the experience of a PMR type VR beyond that of an NPMR type VR is that instead of interchange of data between IUOCs and IUOCs, this interchange of data between participating IUOCs also includes interaction with a simulated physical environment so that all interactions are simulated within the data stream provided by TBC which is interpreted by the IUOC as that interaction and experience. This includes all the conscious experience interpreted as internal to the simulated entity within the VR experience. This must be so because of the vastly higher rate of internal processing of the IUOC versus its experience of the PMR VR. A very small selection of the total of internal cogitations must be selected to represent the total.
  • Interaction by participating IUOCs through the CS with the VR in its physical aspect in the direction of modifying that physical aspect is based upon modification of probabilities, fractal level by fractal level, not upon a direct modification. Thus interaction is variable in effect, continuous in action and controllable, based upon the ability and degree of effort (strength of intent) of the participant(s) involved and approval of the interaction by guidance at whatever level. This does not of course refer to interactions experienced as 'within' the PMR type VR. Within the PMR type VR, one has a body and in biblical terms: “By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground”.
  • There is an additional degree of uncertainty and effectively chance interaction with the VR representation itself in the direction of experienced effects on the IUOC participants because of its base in probability appearing as physical effects which induces an intensity of interaction with the environment itself and not just between the participants that is not present in NPMRs. This higher intensity interaction contributes to the PMR type VR effectiveness in more rapidly improving the QoC of the participating IUOCs by providing rapid feedback to the participants.
  • The VR rule set can be readily and separately changed within the LCS to modify the resulting environment and its effect upon the nature of the simulated participants. Those IUOC participants experience themselves as the PMR VR entities to whom they are linked as the conscious minds of those entities to provide the choices as required by their decision space during their participation within the VR. It is no longer just a matter of communication between IUOCs but all of the interactions of physicality with its much higher intensity. If all the IUOCs can effectively do is to “talk” to each other, very little can happen and the environment, minimalist as it is, is subject to little possibility of change. Thus the IUOCs are minimally subject to change.
  • The rule set produces necessities of behavior and interaction not present in an NPMR VR. There is a necessity to breath, eat, drink, process food, avoid interactions such as disease effects of participating IUOCs with other IUOCs and avoid direct damage to simulated participants caused by the environment or other participants. Entities are forced by the rule set to be born, functioning at a very low level, develop to adulthood and not necessarily ever reach the functionality represented by their IUOC and in previous incarnations as PMR VR participants. All of the familiar problems of PMR life.
  • As stars and planets in the sky are not visible other than lights in the sky until such time as telescopes are invented, fractal levels representing those elements of PMR need not be calculated other than as just that, based on probabilities until that time that closer observation is possible with advancing technology. They are still not required to be calculated in detail unless a telescope is in use and need not be displayed except for those making actual observations by means of a telescope, radio telescope or other such device.
  • As microbial life is not visible other than as for instance, dirty water, until such time as microscopes are invented, fractal levels representing those elements of PMR need not be calculated other than as probabilities until that time. They are still not required to be calculated unless a microscope or such device is in use and need not be displayed except for those making actual observations by means of such a device.
  • Fractal levels down to the quantum level need not be displayed until such time as theories and devices are developed capable of displaying results at those fractal levels and then only while such devices are in use to make actual observations by a conscious PMR participant. This gives rise to the well known quantum anomalies of modern quantum physics.

The Expanded Role of The Big Computer

Producing the expanded functionality of The Big Computer has led to additional descriptive functionality in addition to and as a sub function of the probability and fractal based calculation of the basic Virtual Reality. This functionality is the basis upon which the participating IUOCs receive the data stream that provides their experience of themselves as entities within a physical reality.

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