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Listed on this page are the acronyms, symbols and phrases that are found and used extensively within / on the My Big TOE Trilogy, Forum and Wiki.

For those not used to acronyms here is how it works. The first time or two you encounter an acronym, think about what the words mean, get a sense, an understanding, of the concept being talked about - then forget about the individual words making up the acronym and use the acronym as a name associated with the meaning and concept the acronym represents. Subsequently "AUO" becomes a name like "Fred" - a name that you associate with a finite, but seemingly infinite, evolving primordial consciousness. It is that simple - AUO becomes the proper name of a particular conceptual entity.

If you do not treat the acronym as a name, you may feel obligated to look up what the constituting words are every time you see it. Dutifully looking up acronyms wastes time and effort and generates little value. The individual words are not important; the concept, the definition, the meaning is important - attach those to the acronym itself and go on.

If you forget the concept associated with AUO for example, simply click on the acronym in question and you will be taken to a page that provides the Descriptive Name and it's meaning and significance, then the individual words that AUO represents are not important - let them go. Do not struggle with how habitual language use has wired your brain. Rewiring is difficult and provides little value for the effort spent.

Acronyms are handy for condensing long descriptive titles into short names. Tom uses them extensively throughout the trilogy, forum and wiki because an acronym has a nifty attribute that it carries its own definition within its name. Treat them as words and symbols, the same way you would treat any name of any noun and you memory will not seem so sieve-like. Problem solved.[MBT Trilogy 1]

Acronyms Specific to My Big TOE
Acronym Descriptive Name
AC Alternating Current
ADC After Death Communication
AI Artificial Intelligence
AUM Absolute Unbounded Manifold
AUO Absolute Unbounded Oneness
Big TOE Big Picture Theory Of Everything
CEO Chief Executive Officer
CNS Central Nervous System
CS Consciousness System
DNA Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid
EBC Even Bigger Computer
EEG Electroencephalograph
FWAU Free Will Awareness Unit
GSR Galvanic Skin Response
HS Higher Self
Hz Hertz
IUOC Individuated Unit Of Consciousness
LCS Larger Consciousness System
MOG Mind Of God
NDE Near Death Experience
NN Neural Network
NPMR Nonphysical-Matter Reality
NPMR(N) (NPMRN) One of multiple NPMR systems which contains our PMR and other PMRk as well as 'Other' subsets. [MBT Trilogy 2]
OMS Open Minded Skepticism
OOBE Out of Body Experience
OS Our System
PMR Physical Matter Reality
PUP Psi Uncertainty Principle
PUI Physical User Interface
QM Quantum Mechanics
QOC (QoC) Quality of Consciousness
RS Rule Set
RWW Reality Wide Web
TBC The Big Computer
The Big Cheese The IUOC who is the Division Manager of "N" Division of AUM. Looks after and manages NPMRN experiments. Go to page for more information.
TM Transcendental Meditation
TOE Theory Of Everything
VR Virtual Reality
VRRE Virtual Reality Rendering Engine
Symbols Specific to My Big TOE
Symbol Representing Brief Description
C Speed of Light (186,000 mps or 1 x 108 m/s)
C++ A compiled computer programming language
Foreign Words and Phrases Specific to My Big TOE
Phrase Definition
gedanken experiment thought experiment; a logical experiment performed only in the mind.
número uno number one
No problema No Problem
Que será, será whatever will be will be
über alles over all; over and above all else.
Words with Extended Meanings Specific to My Big TOE
Word or Phrase Short Definition, Click the Word for the Extended Definition Page
Intent The basis within our IUOC for our interactions with our VR experience and other IUOCs.
Entropy Reduction The reduction of disorder within our being as an IUOC and improvement of Quality of Consciousness and increase of Love. A primary goal of Evolution within the LCS.
Ego That within our selves as our understanding and beliefs about our selves which is not true, primarily based upon fear.
Decision Space The limitation on your Free Will based upon your Quality of Consciousness and Entropy level. Your Decision Space is also limited by your intelligence, level of awareness and nature within the PMR rule set.
Free Will Your Free Will necessitated by your existence as an IUOC functioning within a Meta Reality and the nature of Consciousness and the LCS.
Meta Reality A Virtual Reality within which your IUOC functions such as PMR or NPMR and within which you thus possess Free Will within the LCS. A Meta Reality effectively exists outside of its base reality and is thus called a meta reality.

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