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!scope="row"| 22
!scope="row"| 22
!scope="row"| 22: The Right Attitude
!scope="row"| 22: The Right Attitude
!scope="row"| Not Available
!scope="row"| [[Cultural_References_Other_Explanations_MBT_B1S2C22|The Right Attitude to Acquire Wisdom]]
!scope="row"| 23a
!scope="row"| 23a

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Welcome to this special page for translators of Tom Campbell's My Big TOE into any other language. It may also be of value to general readers who are not American residents, not native English speakers and not familiar with American cultural references. There will also be found general discussion of passages found to be difficult by general readers and for which translators or someone has requested help in understanding. These pages linked to from here are created from either answers created by Tom Campbell or created by Ted Vollers and reviewed by Tom Campbell. May all readers find value within their lives from this material.

Thomas Campbell: My Big T(heory)O(f)E(verything)

Tom Campbell: My Big TOE - Preliminaries

Title in English Question Addressed or Concept Explained
Synopsis Not Available
Acknowledgements Not Available
Preface: Author's Note to the Reader Not Available
Forward: A Conceptual Orientation Not Available

Tom Campbell: My Big TOE - Book 1: Awakening

Section 1: Delusion or Knowledge: Is This Guy Nuts, or What?
Chapter Number Title in English Question Addressed or Concept Explained
1 1: Introduction to Section 1 Not Available
2 2: Hey Mister, You Want to Learn to Meditate? Not Available
3 3: The Sacrificial Banane Not Available
4 4: Watch That First Step, It's a Big One Not Available
5 5: Is This Guy Monroe Nuts, or What? Not Available
6 6: Face to Face with the Wizard of Whistlefield Not Available
7 7: The Adventure Begins Not Available
8 8: The Science of Altered States Not Available
9 9: Breakthrough Not Available
10 10: But Is It Real? Not Available
11 11: If This is Tuesday, I Must Be in Physical Matter Reality Not Available
12 12: End of an Era Not Available
13 13: Once Upon a Time, a Long, Long Time Ago Not Available
14 14: This Kid Is Weird Enough Not Available
15 15: With a Little Bit of Help from My Friends: How's Your Love Life? Not Available
16 16: Here We Go Again! Not Available
Section 2 - Mysticism Demystified: The Foundations of Reality
17 17: Introduction To Section 2 Not Available
18 18: In The Beginning . . . Causality and Mysticism Not Available
19 19: Beware of the Belief Trap Not Available
20 20: Causality in Every Dimension can Potentially Transform a Mystic into a Scientist from Inner Space Not Available
21 21: Cultural Bias Not Available
22 22: The Right Attitude The Right Attitude to Acquire Wisdom
23a 23a: Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghost Busters as a Cultural Icon
23b 23b: (A Guide to Meditation & Meditation Technique - an Aside) Not Available
24 24: Two Concepts Not Available
25 25: The Evolution of AUO: Awareness Not Available
26 26: The Evolution of AUO: Who is That Masked Consciousness Thing and What Can It Do? The Lone Ranger as a Cultural Icon - "Who is that masked man?"
27 27: The Evolution of AUO: Patterns, Symbols, Information, and Memory; Motivation and Evolutionary Constraints Not Available
28 28: The Evolution of AUO: The Birth of the Big Computer Not Available
29 29: The Evolution of AUO: The Birth of Time Not Available
30 30: The Evolution of AUO: The Birth of AUM (AUO Evolves into AUM) Not Available
31 31: The Birth of Space-Time: How Space is Created by Enforcing a Constant Speed Limit in PMR Not Available
32 32: An Even Bigger Picture Not Available
33 33: Infinity Gets Too Big for Real Britches Too big for one's britches as a colloquialism
34 34: Section 2 Postlude: Hail! Hearty Readers, Thou Hast Shown Divine Patience and Great Tenacity Hail! and other cultural references

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