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An independent review of My Big TOE:

Thomas Campbell was one of the original consciousness explorers at The Monroe Institute (TMI) in Virginia in the 1970s and the explorer identified as "TC Physicist" in Bob Monroe's book Far Journeys. Campbell, along with electrical engineer Dennis Mennerich, discovered what is now known as Hemi-Sync, the binaural-beat approach to inner exploration that came to be almost synonymous with TMI. As Bob Monroe's protégé, Campbell worked in the TMI lab and participated in explorer sessions as a subject. He was one of the first trainers and finished his tenure at TMI as an advisory-board member.

In his book My Big TOE, Campbell does not spend much time on his personal experiences through his 35 years of exploration. Rather, he concentrates on the inner workings of such subjective adventures as OBEs, remote viewing and healing -- to name just a few -- and much more.

With more than 800 pages in My Big TOE, the reader will find plenty to ponder and absorb. The knowledge gained will bring greater understanding that grows with each subsequent read. My Big TOE presents a robust overarching model of reality that does a great job of demystifying some of our most cherished beliefs, and it's done with an abundance of humour. The book beckons you to search within yourself to understand how belief structures colour your outlook. Campbell masterfully nudges you away from the ego traps that keep many from experiencing the Greater Reality for themselves. With patience and clarity, My Big TOE suggests to readers that they themselves need to create their own TOE -- Theory of Everything -- and that with greater awareness they can find answers for themselves.

My Big TOE by Thomas Campbell is a must read for anybody with questions about why we are here: the very purpose behind our existence.

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