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Attention: MBT Readers and Everyone

Tom Campbell - Reality Explorer and Consciousness Expert
Tom Campbell is to be the guest speaker at Unity North, Atlanta on June 9, 2012. This event, entitled "Becoming Love" will run from 10am until 3pm as follows:

Tom's presentation: (10am to midday)

Lunch: (midday to 1pm) It is recommended you bring your own lunch.

Open panel discussion with Q and A: (1pm to 3pm)

Unity North Atlanta Church 4255 Sandy Plains Road Marietta, GA 30066

Tel: (678) 819-9100

For further information, please visit the Unity North website at

The Unity Experience

The main venue at Unity has drawn all the big names in Consciousness research, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, and now, the best of the best, Thomas Campbell!

Unity North is especially excited to have Tom as their guest speaker because his work so perfectly resonates with their main purpose statement that we are all one, that Love is the fundamental reality, and that all paths lead to this same truth. Tom's scientific work as well as his expertise in the field of consciousness and the exploration of the larger reality brings together the perfect validation of Unity's purpose and Tom's findings.

Special Note to Forum Members

We would like as many of the forum members and readers as possible to attend because this will be a very new and special event and it will pave the way for future and larger events at Unity venues around the country. Be a part of history!

Just a reminder to all of Tom's readers that the forum at his website is a happening place! It is a gold mine of information on consciousness and the nature of reality.

The event is free to all, but donations will be gratefully accepted at Unity on the day.

Availability for Viewing

This event will be live-streamed around the country and a DVD/YouTube will be available later, but those of you who can make the live event will add to the possibility of Tom being invited to all Unity centers in the future drawing more and more readers to Tom's work. And that's a really good thing.

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Quote of the Moment

"Simply walk fearlessly with love into whatever comes and everything will come out right. The larger consciousness system takes care of its own – no soldier is left behind."

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