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What is "Big Picture Truth"? Simply, a truth that is absolute -- and uniformly significant for everyone. It holds throughout all the levels of Reality within this Creation. Big Picture Truth applies "everywhere".

"Little truth", on the other hand, is circumstantial and relative to the observer. It may function well in one particular Reality, but not in other Realities. This is why it is "little truth", it is limited -- it applies only in certain places and does not fully explain, or apply to, all Realities. An example of "little truth" is the science of Physics that has been developed here on Earth. It is an extremely useful science and has resulted in much human progress, but it does not apply beyond PMR. Earth-developed Physics does not have the scope to explain other Realities. It cannot explain even all the phenomena we encounter here on Earth -- such as psychic phenomena.

One of the absolutely essential factors to our own personal evolution and growth is learning "Big Picture Truth" -- the way things "really work". Thomas Campbell has attempted to explain "Big Picture Truth" in his 820-page Trilogy entitled, My Big TOE. "TOE" is a physics acronym meaning "Theory of Everything".

My Big TOE is an essential read for anyone trying to push forward his personal evolution and growth at a greater speed. You will, almost certainly, need to read it more than once to really "get it".[MBT Trilogy 1]

With the "Model of Reality" given in My Big TOE, we now have a tool that we can apply to important decisions to help us determine the best course of action to take. Note that Thomas Campbell repeatedly reminds us that, "The Model is not the System". Tom does not claim that the theories contained within My Big TOE actually describe the "System" that we exist in -- they describe only a Model of the System that appears to behave "like the System" in all the ways that have been tested so far. My Big TOE explains all the physical interactions in our PMR world just as well as modern physics does, but then goes far beyond PMR physics to explain things that our PMR physics cannot explain. This is because modern physics is merely a subset of the principles given in My Big TOE -- a subset that exists in our PMR only. Therefore, conventional physics cannot explain Realities beyond our PMR.

Therefore, even though "the Model is not the System", the Model is still a very useful tool for us in attempting to understand the System and in trying to determine how we can best, in our own small way, contribute to the evolution of a lower entropy System and evolve and grow ourselves into a higher quality of consciousness and a lower entropy individual. This is what the Larger Consciousness System intends for us.

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