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Something is not right about this category as it should not contain the page that it is shown to contain.
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I am trying to set up the framework for this new category of pages to include full information and links to presentations from Tom's past events and future events.  We should probably work it from farthest in the future to earliest in the past in sequence to give the most prominence to future events at the top of the list.  That will be the easiest for editing also as we just add new events to the top of the list.  I suggest a moving "Line" of some form dividing future from past Events which we move along as events occur to keep it perfectly clear which events have not occurred yet and are available to participate in, buy tickets, register, etc.  The whole idea is to have the whole history with links to recordings in one place for ready reference.  The recordings can be elsewhere if that will be continuously available.  If it is uncertain, the links should be internal to the Wiki and the recordings stored here.  --[[User:Ted Vollers|Ted Vollers]] 16:49, 5 January 2012 (CST)

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