Cellular Automata

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Cellular Automata

The purpose of this page on Cellular Automata is to introduce you to the subject if you are not already well familiar with the subject. Cellular Automata are something studied within the general classification of pure mathematics. While they were 'discovered' and did not have an initial purpose as in applied mathematics, they have had useful purposes discovered. Our present useful purpose in doing a little discovery and study on the subject is that this concept provides an excellent model of Absolute Reality in the form of Consciousness Space or CS. This material is not going to be directly included here in the My Big TOE Wiki but instead references will be made to outside sources on the Internet through links to web sites. Following this general introductory material, a short paragraph will introduce each source to which you are being directed with an explanation of what in particular to look for there.

The Game of Life

The first recommendation as a starting point to learn about Cellular Automata is to look up the reference below on the Game of Life. This is a particular set of rules for a cellular automata that has been widely publicized and is readily available. The Game of Life was invented by mathematician John H. Conway, John Von Neumann Professor in Applied and Computational Mathematics at Princeton University. There are many web sites that discuss the Game of Life but this one listed below on Math.com is particularly recommended as providing the range of information that makes a good introduction for our present purposes. Particularly look for references to “emergent complexity” or “self organizing systems”. Also look for discussions of emulation of computers within the Game of Life and so called, universal constructors.

References from My Big TOE

Tom Campbell did not refer to cellular automata as a metaphor for Consciousness Space along with all of the metaphorical descriptions already given within his trilogy My Big TOE but did include a reference to published formal papers by physicist Dr. Edward Fredkin of MIT, Boston University and Carnegie Mellon in 1992 called A New Cosmogony and Finite Nature. In these papers Dr. Fredkin described our world of our normal experience as a virtual reality generated by a vast computer as a cellular automaton. See My Big TOE pages 783, 4 and 5 of Book 3, Section 6, Chapter 91 as available on Google Books at this location:

The actual papers by Dr. Fredkin and made available by Dr. Fredkin that are referenced by Tom Campbell above are available below in full on the web site of Dr. Fredkin, digitalphilosopy.org.

A Candidate Cellular Automaton for Modeling Consciousness Space

As a final element in this brief overview of cellular automata and related mathematical fields, we refer you to a specific paper authored by Mr. Daniel B. Miller and Dr. Edward Fredkin and titled Two-state, Reversible, Universal Cellular Automata In Three Dimensions. This paper, in pre publication form, is available on the Internet. A post publication copy, reported reliably to be modified very minimally from the prepublication version, is available from the Association for Computing Machinery if you have access to their publications. The title of the paper tells you almost all that you need to know from it, in terms of this discussion and as this will develop below. The abstract will be quoted however and the meanings of what is stated explained in more accessible terms for readers without scientific or mathematical backgrounds.

A novel two-state, Reversible Cellular Automata (RCA) is described. This three dimensional RCA is shown to be capable of universal computation. Additionally, evidence is offered that this RCA is capable of universal construction.”

Two state means that the binary logic of 0’s and 1’s being discussed here was used in this research. Reversible means that the cellular automton described has uniquely defined states into the future defined by the existing state at any given time and that, given an existing state, the precursor state that would result in that existing state is unique. The behavior of the automaton into the future and looking back into the past is therefore unique, deterministic and not ambiguous. As an interjection here into this discussion of this paper as some readers will note this unique relationship into the past and into the future from the present state as a demonstration of there being no such thing as free will in reality. This is not so as the cellular automaton possesses no consciousness and free will. However Consciousness Space by definition exhibits and hosts consciousness and free will. The lack within this cellular automaton need not concern us. That will be discussed much later in this sequence on the My Big TOE model of reality.

The reference to universal computation means that the cellular automaton studied and described can simulate all of the functions of digital computation as is significant here in this discussion. The reference to the capability of universal construction means that the cellular automaton studied and described is believed to be capable of hosting a universal constructor as mentioned above. This capability has not been demonstrated, but is believed by the authors to be a capability of the automaton described, given sufficient computational resources to simulate the automaton in sufficient ‘size’. This seems to be an adequate demonstration for present purposes of precisely the kind of functionality that will eventually be postulated herein for the functionality required to generate the Ultimate Reality as Consciousness Space within which we exist as IUOCs; that is, you, the reader, and everyone else. Thus PMR science has already demonstrated an adequate basis for the existence of Consciousness Space as we can understand and model it here in PMR. While there are many details that could be further explored and worked out, the basic work has already been done by science and mathematics and published in the juried scientific literature. This is a significant achievement in terms of this discussion, whether it bears any actual relationship to the configuration and functioning of Absolute Reality or not.

The suggested path from this point is to return to the page of the My Big TOE from which you can finish your mathematical side investigations or continue on to the next page in sequence.