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Definitions to improve communication within MBT discussions

Tom Campbell has created within the PDF file linked below for downloading, the following list of Definitions which he finds the most needed to prepare those new to MBT to best understand what Tom Campbell has to teach us and to be prepared to discuss things further on the board and elsewhere. This is intended as a resource that you might wish to download to prepare you for attending an event or for participating on the Bulletin Board. Note that these are not definitions intended to be absolute or universal meanings, presented for discussion or for argument. They are provided to make clear how Tom Campbell uses these words or terms within the context of MBT where some have specific extended meanings which other persons do not make use of. These are selected based upon his experience with what terms or words create problems most often as they are either more specific and complete or modified definitions versus more common usage. The following are items covered within the list of definitions:

1) Information
2) Awareness
3) Will
4) Intent
5) Consciousness
6) Evolution
7) Decision Space
8) Free Will
9) The Intellectual Level
10) The Being Level
11) Love
12) Fear
13) Ego
14) Belief
15) Virtual Reality
16) The Consciousness Evolutionary Process
17) Two fundamental Errors in understanding the PMR big picture

Download Link

[1]|Definitions to improve communication within MBT discussions]

It is suggested that you download this paper and save it for reference.

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