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Inevitability of Development So Far

Hopefully you have reached this point understanding how the development to here has been inherent to the nature of Consciousness Space as essentially a Cellular Automaton which provides the power of consciousness. It seems almost inevitable that something like this state would be reached given the nature of our reality and its emergent properties as being discovered by pure mathematics and in the performance of large and complex systems here in PMR as to their emergent properties. Not this specific and particular state as there is not a deterministic aspect to the over all system once one reaches the initial states of AUO as a Meta Reality. But some kind of similar state of existence appears nearly inevitable based upon the probabilities alone. The power of free will that a Meta Reality provides is hopefully also evident by now.

What to do next?

Here occurs a period of unknown length in terms of system state cycles devoted to speculation and experiment of unknown number and complexity and extent. How many dead ends and failures? How many partial successes and leads to new avenues of approach? Eventually an initial, even if only worth calling a proto NPMR Virtual Reality was reached as a concept based upon the self examination and analysis of AUO. The concept of a Meta Reality became clear as providing the opportunity for something other than deterministic functioning. This must have occurred because the existence of a vast numbers of NPMRs has been reported by Tom Campbell and observed by many others here in PMR. There had to be a 'first' and it is inevitable that it be of lesser functionality and complexity compared to the later versions. That is the way that the evolutionary principle works and that remains a driving principle in all of CS.

Now for an NPMR VR to be created is a known thing as we see them to continue to exist as reported. How the first and later are created and function in detail is unknown. We have a number of unknowns.

  • We still do not know completely how consciousness arose, with this break covered by the concept of the bootstrapping process. It took a lot of functionality and interaction between proto IUOCs to develop within AUO before consciousness could arise. Can it exist in a smaller scale framework as within a single proto IUOC? How would you create a meta reality within the compass of a proto IUOC as a bounded area on the surface of the CA of CS? This is contrary to the way that AUO developed. Major modifications and complications would be required in Tom Campbell's model of reality in order to make this possible.
  • Clearly consciousness did not develop within the proto IUOCs as they have been described so far. As part of CS, existing as bounded regions within AUO, they are internally deterministic in their functionality. Did AUO create a standard miniature consciousness engine and insert it into every proto IUOC? It seems like there might be 'space' problems considering what it took for AUO to develop consciousness as the result of the interaction of the vast number of proto IUOCs within the meta reality of AUO. A miniature consciousness engine would need to be a meta reality within itself and this seems on reflection to represent an unlikely and improbable approach based on these considerations. If it took vastly many proto IUOCs interacting to create all of the things that were required for AUO to become conscious, how could all of those things be 'crammed' into one proto IUOC?
  • If one were to provide the output of a 'consciousness engine' to an entity for it to experience consciousness, what exactly would you need to provide? At this primitive point, this would be an experimental question to answer. One would not have to do more than provide a data stream to that entity that one knew within ones self and from ones own experience that it was meaningful as an expression of consciousness. The interpretation of that data stream would require the entity to learn how to interpret the data stream usefully. Think about how a human infant has to learn. Parents talk to them constantly until they finally begin to understand that that babbling sound contains meaning and they gradually begin to catch on to that meaning. They learn words and associate them with things they experience. They gradually learn to imitate words and repeat them back until they learn how to put them into meaningful groupings as phrases and eventually as sentences. Would not one expect a proto IUOC to require much the same procedure?

Based upon the above logic, it is believed that under Tom Campbell's Model of the LCS that the first NPMR created probably provided nothing but a specific time frame as a state change interval when the inputs to the participating proto IUOCs ceases and the responses from the proto IUOCs are to begin for delivery to the consciousness engine set up to interface with the participating IUOCs, analysis and retransmittal to the designated receiving proto IUOCs. AUO as a whole may have or may not have participated in the data streams or may have left the participating IUOCs to develop their own meanings and communication entirely on their own. This may well have been an experimental variable in the process of the development of the NPMR VR, to determine which approach produced the best results.

Just what is a Consciousness Engine?

In the last paragraph, the term Consciousness Engine was used, sprung out of nowhere as an apparent necessity within this developmental description. What can it possibly be? AUO has nothing at its disposal but its constituent proto IUOCs and the interconnecting data buss of the Reality Wide Web. So what can create a Consciousness Engine except AUO designating a certain number of its constituent parts as proto IUOCs to function together as this consciousness engine which Tom Campbell named metaphorically as The Big Computer or TBC? Initially, in creating the first instance of an NPMR on an experimental and developmental basis, no doubt AUM as a whole served the function of TBC. Eventually it would either become necessary or be seen as desirable to use a subset of the proto IUOCs available. If you should choose to follow the link above to the page on The Big Computer, you will find a description of it somewhat larger than this paragraph and also a link to its description in My Big TOE which you will find fully congruent with this description.

A Truly Functional NPMR VR

We would now appear to be at the point of having a truly functional initial NPMR type VR. It is a minimalist concept, still experimental and under development, but it no doubt provided a proof of concept to AUO. It would provide continuing novelty to AUO as it monitors and possibly participates directly in the development of their own Quality of Consciousness of the participating IUOCs. Here is the potential for continuing novelty and development of its constituent IUOCs as they now graduate from being proto IUOCs. They may have many limitations and must learn how to interpret the stream of consciousness data that they receive but they are on their way. The future is looking up at all levels.

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