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Ego is generated when the spirit/consciousness having the apparently physical human experience is ignorant of its true identity and purpose, and is of lower quality (has much to learn, understand and needs to evolve) -- it thus expresses fear, needs, wants, demands, expectations, desire, greed, in its attachment to, and manipulation of, the virtual physical reality. Ego is the sense of I manipulating the virtual physical reality to assuage its fear, and to secure and maintain its wants, needs, and desires -- it gives the physical more importance and exclusivity than it is due. Ego drives the action, when fear is the motivator. Ego and fear are the antithesis of compassion and love. Ego is the consciousness lost in a virtual physical reality manipulating the 10,000 things in a way to make itself feel better (less fearful). [MBT Forum 1]

Ego is the direct result of fear. Needs, wants, expectations, and desires are generated by the ego as part of its shortsighted strategy to reduce the anxiety produced by fear. Desire is generated by wants and needs but not all desire is fear-based or counterproductive. Basic (lower level) desires such as sex and hunger are not necessarily fear based, and the desire to improve yourself (if the motivation is correct) can be a strong positive incentive. In general, when I speak of desire, I am referring to the desire that arises in response to the needs of ego. [MBT Trilogy 1]

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