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(This page is being edited and is incomplete)

Thomas Campbell is the author of the ground-breaking book, My Big TOE, a "Theory of Everything" that encompasses not only this physical matter reality (PMR) that we live in, but also the surrounding "local" non-physical matter reality (NPMR) and the realities beyond that. It explains things that our current PMR-based physics theories cannot explain.

Thomas Campbell is also the reason for the existence of this Wiki and the My Big TOE Website, with it's associated Discussion Forum. Thus, Tom is pretty much the "ultimate authority" for the ideas presented in My Big TOE.

Thomas Campbell has retired from a career as an applied physicist, working for DOD contractors and retiring the second time as a consultant to NASA. (Biography: Thomas W. Campbell, Jr.)

Video: Experiencing the Larger Reality

This video presentation by Thomas Campbell gives an excellent overview of "Experiencing the Larger Reality".

Because it can be a real help to also separately and simultaneously view the slides that go with this presentation, below is a link to the set of ".pdf" slides that go with this presentation. You can open the slides in a separate window and downsize the slides window to about 6" X 6" and pull it over to one side of your screen. That way you can watch the video and view the related slides simultaneously. This will be much easier than trying to read the slides on the video screen -- they appear on the video screen only briefly.

Give the slides a minute to download after clicking the link below -- they are a 13.9 MB file.

LINK to Slides (to accompany this video) -- read simultaneously in separate window

Note that you need to page forward in the slides document to page number 81 to sync the slides with the beginning of this video.

With that, then, here is the Thomas Campbell presentation entitled:

The Tom Campbell New York City "My Big TOE" Master Workshop (Part 5 of 5)


NOTE: It is also highly recommended to watch this complete video series, Part 1 through Part 5, when you have time. It is an excellent brief synopsis of all the theories contained in:

"My Big TOE", the book

(Additional information to be included here later)

Below are some useful links to written lectures by Thomas Campbell. These summarize briefly the basic nature of personally experiencing the Larger Reality (NPMR). It is suggested to read them in the order given, but that is up to you.

An Orientation to Nonphysical Experience

The Nature of OOBE

Meditation and OOBE

Experiencing and Interpreting the Larger Reality