Fear in PMR

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Q: There are fears we don't even realize sometimes. I have been working on a PMR fear (not npmr) that seems to be related to a PMR security/vulnerability feeling.

Tom: Such a fear may have many causes but there is one major influence that aggravates and worsens all of them -- our culture (Western culture and the Western gene pool) feeds on fear. Marketers, advertisers, politicians, media (both news and entertainment), religions, anybody who would like to influence you will use your fears (many of which they have purposely created in you) to do so. Even most relationships are based on fear. Fear feeds and is the motive force for almost everything that takes place in our culture. Fear, violence, fighting, and competition for dominance permeate everything we see, do, and think. We in the West are genetically derived from a fear-based, competitive, dominating, violence prone, aggressive self-focused gene pool created through many centuries of warring with each other (yes, much more so than many other cultures). Fascism (rule, manage, or lead by force or dictate) and militarism as an organizational imperative comes naturally and quickly to us if we can easily impose it on others while we intuitively struggle against it if it is imposed upon us.

This ethic dominates all of our relationships: International, national, economic, family and personal. We are aggressive in everything we do – that is why we have the technology we have, the university systems we have, the sports we have, the 10 hour work days. Our people aggressively pursue education, self betterment, consumer goods, efficiency of process, science, knowledge, and each other, as well as money, fame, and glory. We are generally driven to pursue OOBE and consciousness evolution in the same way – go after it, reach out and grab it, force it to our will, own it. We think that people who are not aggressive and driven like us are lazy. We assume that people who are content to watch their sheep graze have no ambition, and are doomed to live miserable lives in poverty because they are indolent and slothful. Generally, this is not true. They think we are driven and aggressive, manic and greedy, that we are missing what is important in life because we have chained ourselves to the treadmill of material success. Generally, they are correct.

Not being fearful while immersed within a fear based Western culture is difficult. The solution for Westerners is to find balance within their culture, not to find a few acres and buy a sheep. As simple Shepherds, our aggressive genetic proclivities would soon drive us crazy. Just as putting a shepherd on our treadmill to material success would soon drive him crazy. Eventually, we Westerners would sell the sheep, go back to a good paying job in the city, or end up with a large ranch, fifty employees, and 100,000 sheep. Ones man’s success in another man’s nightmare. If you can let go of fear and ego, find balance and maintain it, you can be both the shepherd and the business executive simultaneously – and nightmares of all sorts will be banished forever.


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