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Free will is the ability of individuated units of consciousness (IUOC) to make choices within their decision space by using their Intent. Free will is an essential characteristic of evolving consciousness systems whose goal is to lower entropy. Determinism is an incompatible concept and a practical impossibility. From any reference frame within the Larger Consciousness System, unknowns and randomness create the inherent unpredictability of free will. Omniscience, like infinity, are interesting conceptualizations but lead to an impractical reality. [1][2]

Note that having free will does not imply that an IUOC can do whatever it wants, it can only choose from the available choices within its decision space. It has both internal limitations (such as ego, fear, lack of awareness) and external limitations (such as the rule-set in PMR) that bound what choices are available. [3]

It should also be noted that a choice is made at the being-level of conscious intent; free will choice is generally not an intellectual decision. [3]

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