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Q: How could you ever really know this is not a virtual reality?

Tom: This is actually a very simple logic problem: Here is how you know :

PMR is an objective reality: If there is NO such thing as an intent based placebo effect. If no one has ever actually experienced precognition (dream or otherwise) and all fortune tellers are always wrong when predicting the un-guessable. If the Stanford University physics dept validation of remote viewing (Puthof and Targ) and published in the IEEE journal NEVER happened. If all the experiments that have been done by top tier university scientists demonstrating reverse causality and mental intent biasing random data have NEVER happened. If telepathy, empathy at a distance, mothers who know the moment their children get hurt away from home, and people being able to both hurt and heal others with their mind’s (intent), have NEVER happened. If only the mentally ill, the uneducated gullible, and the not too bright have paranormal experiences instead of much of the entire population (well educated actually has a positive correlation for such experiences). If the Readiness Potential had NEVER been demonstrated and measured at a dozen research institutions. If no one had ever had the consistent ability to predict (better than chance would allow) which card will be shown next in psi experiments. If particles were actually particles instead of probability distributions … etc.. If all the "if statements” listed above were known facts, then one would know that reality COULD BE (was likely to be) objective, rather than virtual (logic would require one to allow for the possibility of any of the above thing happening sometime in the future.

But if any one of the above things that all clearly violate objective causality ever actually existed or happened EVEN to one individual ONCE in the history of mankind, then logic would tell you that this reality absolutely could not possibly be objective. It takes only one violation of an absolute rule to shatter it absolutely.

Of course, fact is: Such violations of the assumption of an objective reality have always happened and been experienced, recorded, witnessed and studied in every culture in every time throughout all human history. Violations of objective reality have been proven with careful valid studies over and over again by literally hundreds of scientists using immaculate protocols over the last century. We don’t need (logical process does not require) more "proof". Establishing "proof" has long since become an irrelevant non-issue except to the uninformed and those described below. So you see, it is really not difficult to tell if this reality is objective or not -- however, it is exceedingly difficult to demonstrate for those who possess the following two characteristics: 1) They must be in complete denial of the facts (care to dispute the placebo effect or the Princeton PEAR labs experiments, or the Stanford research or the Duke research or the Temple U research to name a very few) and 2) are fanatical "true believers" in objective physical causality as the only possible cause of anything. (i.e., A "true believer" holds to their belief against all reason and rationality).

Furthermore they know for sure that none of the above listed things are real or ever happened – all have been imagined in the minds of the gullible and deceitful and can be rationalized away by any true believer in a heartbeat because they are simply, by definition, impossible -- and that is all you need to know.

Never argue with a true believer -- no matter what they believe.

An interesting fact about true believers: They see themselves as rational, logical people in possession of the facts (the truth) and see those who disagree with them as true believers in some sort of nonsense. Thus beware: if you see all those who disagree with you as true believers, you may be one yourself.


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