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A virtual reality appears physical to those inside of it – indeed, the perception of the characters in the virtual reality defines the meaning of “physical” within that reality. The tipoff that their reality is virtual is that those inside of the virtual reality will never be able to discover what they would see as a physical cause (from their perspective) for their reality because there can be none.

An example: The World of Warcraft (WOW) characters and their environment appear physical from the point of view of the characters. Now imagine that these WOW characters trying to think up a "physical" cause for their world. There is none... their reality is virtual -- created within an information system that is necessarily non-physical from the point of view of the WOW characters. There is no initial cause or process to the WOW characters and set that is "physical" in terms of what the WOW characters think of as physical. The server that hosts WOW must be in an entirely different reality frame than the virtual reality it creates.

One of the current big mysteries in PMR physics is what existed and happened before the Big Bang. Surely, since all reality is physical, our physical reality had to evolve from something physical. Yet, according to physicists, the Big Bang remains a singular event with no past, no cause. Attempts to describe possible causes are more desperate than logical and none carry much credibility with the physics community. It appears to the great majority of today’s physicists that our universe simply popped out of nothing! Unfortunately, that conclusion does not lead physicists to reevaluate their sacred assumptions.

The larger consciousness system is the computer and our virtual reality evolved from the big digital bang when the figurative "run button" was hit in a reality frame that must necessarily lie outside of the “physical” frame that exists within the virtual PMR reality.

Bottom line: The concept of a virtual reality provides a simple solution to the current Big Bang causality problem in physics and solves a host of other mysteries (both in physics and metaphysics) at the same time. Centuries ago we knew for sure the earth couldn't be round (even though the data and logic (good science) had shown that earth was a sphere hundreds of years earlier) because if it was, everything on the other side would fall off and the oceans would drain away -- any fool could see that.


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