How does one protect oneself: Building a firewall within this digital reality.

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Question: "In simple words can you explain how can one build a personal "firewall" in this digital universe?"

Yes, in one word: Intent.

A quote from below: "...You do not have to accept any data you do not want [intrusion] as long as you are fearless, focused, have no ego attachment to the data, and are in control of your intent."

However, in NPMR, as in PMR, no firewall is perfect, though many firewalls can be, and usually are, adequate and effective.

For those who are Aware

Condition 1) You are aware of the LCS and wish to keep unwanted others out (you want a firewall).

Most simply, to produce this firewall (which can be as specific or general as you wish in terms of both individuals and content), you have to produce and maintain a strong intent to not accept or give any interaction with "them" or "it" (those you wish to keep out or information you wish to keep from them). Others can access you (your data) against your wishes only because you have an attachment (fear, ego connection, suspicion, belief, etc.) through which they can connect to you. So you must eliminate all such attachments/connections.

Less simply, but quite doable if your awareness and intent is sufficiently developed and your adversary's not so much, you may continue to gather data on an individual while denying "them" the same advantage (may penetrate another's firewall without letting them penetrate yours) if you adversary is not as (1) vigilant or (2) as aware, or (3) as focused as you are. (any one of those three will do).

For those who are UnAware

Condition 2) If you are simply naïve, and have no awareness of the larger reality and how it works, then it is likely that you have much fear, ego, and beliefs.

This makes you an easy target for others to influence both from PMR (advertisers, politicians, marketers, hustlers, salesmen, friends, coworkers, etc) and from NPMR. The solution is not necessarily to become aware, though that might well be helpful, but rather to grow up and let go of fear and become love. That is enough. No special intentional firewall is needed if you are sufficiently grown up (evolved the quality of your consciousness) because, very little, if anything at all, that is negative will be more powerful than you are.

For those who are Too Perceptive

Following is a reply I gave some time ago to someone who was having the opposite problem: getting more personal data from others than she wanted. I thought it might be useful to see the opposite side of the same problem because it has the same answer: Intent.

One cannot heal or fix everyone -- some people need to be left alone with their issues.

One should not peek at (connect to) the information content of others any more than they should peek into others windows at night.

When you have good reason to connect to others, to whom and how you connect (the data you get and the form you get it in) is controlled by your intent. Intend clearly at the being level to receive no more information than you need to accomplish your specific task.

The above should eliminate the unwanted information. It looks like you have received a strong lesson: you do not have to accept any data you do not want as long as you are fearless, focused, have no ego attachment to the data, and are in control of your intent. As soon as you attach yourself to the data (become personally (emotionally) involved with it), it attaches to you -- thus causing you to be more attached (fear, upset, struggle, unpleasant experience, all the things you felt) – thus causing it to be more attached to you -- a downward ever increasing spiral that traps you in its grip until the energy in it is dissipated.

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