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Welcome to the introductory page for new or potential Members. You are all welcome as new Members or potential new Members. The purpose of this page is to introduce you to the design philosophy behind the My Big TOE Wiki and explain something of what your duties would be as Members and thus as creators and editors of pages within the Wiki.

This is not a free form, everybody is an editor who comes in off the street, kind of Wiki. I have done a little reading on WikiPedia about their success with that approach. Basically they are successful because they have a relatively vast number of editors who are dedicated to what they do. If someone creates a page or an edit that amounts to vandalism, they have continuous monitoring of changes and that undesirable change can be corrected within literally a few hours. A lot of time of those editors is however spent in making that kind of correction on a continuing basis. We do not anticipate having such a large group of editors with that kind of time available in total so we have decided to make page creation and editing a much more regulated process, limited to those who have been accepted as Members. Visitors can post and edit on the Discussion or 'talk' pages without even providing their names. The Wiki software provides a record of the computer from which any vandalism originated so it is expected that this will be readily controlled by banning further posting from that computer.

Those of you who become Members will be so selected based upon several factors in the evaluation.

  • Have you read the Trilogy by Tom Campbell, My Big TOE and more than once?
  • Are you a Forum member and post regularly and with high quality posts on the Forum? This has now become a formal requirement for membership on the Wiki so that we can become familiar with you as the Wiki and Forum administration.
  • Have you demonstrated a good command of the concepts within My Big TOE?
  • Are you either a good speller or familiar with spell checkers and their effective use?
  • Do you have an academic background or otherwise have a good command of editorial or formal writing?
  • Can you refrain from 'texting' shortcuts and general poor quality writing and chatting?
  • Can you dedicate sufficient time to the project that you can also monitor Discussion pages?
  • Have you read the Help Manual for MediaWiki that is our present standard for creating the Wiki?
  • Are you prepared to try to overcome any deficits you might have to be fully effective?
  • Are you prepared to work in relative obscurity without the ability to display your personality?

For your convenience, here is a link to the manual referenced above:

The above list is not an absolute determiner of suitability for Membership and editing the Wiki. Some of you have great strengths in some areas but English is not your primary language. This is not a total barrier to Membership as your work will be subject to editing which will remove that minor problem. Perhaps some of you could function better and happily so by monitoring the Discussion pages for problems and even more important, for gems of advice on improving the Wiki. There are functions within the Wiki software where you can monitor or 'watch' pages for changes just as you can request notification of new posts in a thread of the Bulletin board via an e-mail notice. Some of you could do an excellent job but simply do not have the time because of outside commitments of earning a living, caring for a family, etc. Please refrain from requesting membership if you simply do not have the time. You can actually perform a very useful and valuable function by coming to the Wiki as a Visitor when and as time permits and providing us with comments and suggestions for improvements on the many Discussion pages. In addition, you are welcome to prepare a file which you propose as a suitable page for the Wiki. This file will be subject to editing and may not be accepted for inclusion. It may provide the basis for a page that is a greatly edited version of your file but valuable for inclusion in this edited form. Your ideas will be considered and are considered to be of value.

Above all, please do not be offended if you are not accepted as a Member of the Wiki. So many of you are long term board members that have become somewhat like family and are cared about. But you know yourself that you perhaps do not make an ideal Member as an editor and creator of Wiki pages. Or you simply do not have the time to consistently participate which is important. This kind of work requires the ability to apply a degree of compulsiveness in ones characteristics. Sort of like they say about earning a Ph. D. requiring a degree of compulsiveness or you simply won't be willing to take all the hassles and hurdles that are required to get that magic piece of paper.

For your further consideration in deciding whether you would like to participate or not, here is the listing of what is expected of My Big TOE Wiki Members and what you as Members can expect in return from your participation here. This is the Terms of Service which you will be asked to formally accept in the page where you request Membership.

  • All Members are volunteers and will receive no compensation in any form from any individual, group, or organization, for any services of any type.
  • No Member acquires any copyright rights in any material that they create or put together from the Bulletin Board of or from other sources.
  • Members acknowledge that any copyrights to the My Big TOE Wiki existing as are the property of Tom Campbell, author of My Big TOE upon which books the contents of the Wiki are largely based, understanding that Tom Campbell has effectively placed such material so published in the My Big TOE Wiki in the public domain.
  • Members acknowledge that they bear the primary responsibility to ensure that no copyrighted work is entered into the Wiki unless it bears the written approval of the copyright holder although this is not an individual legal responsibility of the Member. Members also bear the primary responsibility to protect against the posting of advertising, obscene or other undesirable material on the Visitors commenting pages.
  • Members agree to operate as much as practical within the boundaries and procedures established by the management of the Wiki. Where such procedures and boundaries of action are unclear or do not yet exist, to seek direction from said management or advise them concurrently of actions taken ad hoc.
  • Members agree to accept removal of Membership for cause as determine by the Management of the My Big TOE Wiki without recourse to legal action in any venue or at any future date.
  • Members agree that upon termination of Membership, they will return any and all property of the My Big TOE Wiki promptly upon request and without recourse to legal action in any venue or at any future date.
  • Members acknowledge that there are no residual benefits to Membership in the My Big TOE Wiki other than as may be created within their actual being as Individuated Units of Consciousness as improved Quality of Consciousness.
  • Members are to understand that the intent of these Terms of Service are not intended as a 'one way street' but are a necessity of modern society. The true gain to the individual as a Member is anticipated to be by interaction with other Members at the highest level of Intent and result in the greatest lowering of entropy possible.
  • Members are to expect to find a loving atmosphere here and to participate in the creation of same.
  • Members should consider themselves to be participating in a valuable and valued service to the Larger Consciousness System rather than in an economic or otherwise characterizable activity.

So while we would like to welcome you all as Members to create and edit the Wiki, making the work load so much lighter, we know that realistically we are not likely to have a gold rush stampede to become Members. Just as all Forum members are not able to participate to the same degree.

Other pages are being created to help direct your initial efforts as Members. Please come back to this page on occasion as it is likely to be updated as we experience the actual Wiki operation as opposed to just our expectations for the future.

For the present, you should be aware of and visit these pages to see what we are working on and consider what you might like to work on and with whom you will be working.

If you have already decided that you wish to become a Member, here is the link to do so: Special:RequestAccount