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:*[[The_Void|The Void]]
:*[[The_Void|The Void]]
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The My Big TOE Model of Consciousness Space and the Virtual Reality aspects of our Ultimate Reality, All That Exists, is provided originally within the trilogy of books authored by Tom Campbell as My Big TOE. As the first presentation to the world of Tom Campbell's research and having discovered that a great deal of supplementary material, introductory material and multiple viewpoints was needed by most readers in order for the material to be comprehended, this was supplied in abundance. The original books as published are acknowledged to be beginners level and written for the general population with interests in the subject. Attention was also paid to reporting on a 'good science' basis.

Discussion of the Model

Subsequent material appearing within the discussions of readers with Tom Campbell on the My Big TOE Forums included new explanations and expansions by Tom Campbell as well as others. This ranged from beginners level to a more advanced level of understanding and material not in the original trilogy.

This presentation in the My Big TOE Wiki is a totally different approach to the material in the sense that it is very sparse and succinct. There are of course links to materials not present here on the Wiki to provide information available on the Internet or link to material on the Bulletin Board Forums and in an on line version of My Big TOE available on Google Books. There are also 'asides' as in the trilogy to information which is considered very valuable in understanding the model. In this case as opposed to the trilogy, this is necessary information if not already known to the reader and includes specific references to terminology and subjects to be explored as necessary background.

Another difference from the original presentation of the MBT Model is that the metaphors will be extended to include concepts from pure mathematics and information technology in general and the Bootstrapping process to consciousness will be greatly expanded in details and conceptually complete. This will be a matter of presenting a probable and logical sequence of steps in the process that provides the complete sequence of development. Not that someone could program into a computer and create everything all over again. But sufficient that computer modeling could be done to test aspects of the model. The nature and necessity of free will to the existence of consciousness will also be further expanded and explained. It is believed that in general the nature of the metaphysics of Ultimate Reality will be better and more fully explained at the loss of much explanatory material. It is always desirable to start this study on the basis of having read and understood the original trilogy of My Big TOE.

This Page, Introduction to the My Big TOE Model, is the natural and intended entry point to this Wiki presentation of this material. As such, it is linked to the Community Portal page to begin a sequenced presentation as a sort of programmed lesson on the MBT Model. Each succeeding page is intended to represent a "benchmark" in the development of the model and the description of the development of Consciousness Space and then successively AUO and AUM. These pages are also of course available based upon the usual Wiki links by All Pages or Category and Sub Category pages. The category is MBT Model for all of these pages.

Further Considerations in this Expanded Model

This version of the statement of the MBT Model is intended to provide the most up to date and complete version of the model, with all new insights and understandings included, for a better match to the purposes and predilections of scientists working in various fields who might wish to consider this model in their own research work. For those who come to this subject with their own personal development and beyond intellectual interest as their purpose, consider the following. A narrative work such as Tom Campbell's trilogy is written on the basis of continuing a flow of thoughts that leads the reader along a desired path. In the case of a Wiki, everything is broken down into pages as smaller 'chunks' related to one particular subject which is in all inimical to a flowing narration. Keep in mind that this will tend to interfere with your purpose. It will probably be necessary for multiple rereading of the material with all of the asides taken at first but eventually just the main thread to be followed. This way it is believed that the material can be understood and internalized as a whole, a weltanschauung or gestalt, that is similar to the way that the original author, Tom Campbell and Ted Vollers as his assistant understand this material.

A Historical Perspective on Tom Campbell's Model of Reality

To provide a historical perspective on what Tom has discovered/described, note that it is basically what mystics and metaphysicians since preliterate times have observed and reported. That is, to use their historical names with Tom Campbell's terminology as a translation, the Void, the Void as it becomes activated and develops into the Larger Consciousness System or LCS, and Indra's Net which Tom explained as the Reality Wide Web and the IUOCs attached to it. Then there is the Buddha's description of life as Illusion which is a simpler and metaphorical way to describe Tom's Virtual Reality concept. There you have the sum and total of what has been observable for millenia and exactly what Tom discovered independently through his own explorations and analysis.

But Tom has the modern physics and mathematical background, plus knowledge of modern digital technology, to put a whole new explanation on these things. An explanation based in modern physics, mathematics and digital technology rather than just the metaphors of mysticism. This, the mystical approach, requires traditionally and basically a life time of serious effort, devoted to acquiring experience and facility within its constraints. To put these concepts, normally expressible and understandable by the very few who are mystics and metaphysicians at a sufficiently deep level, into a format and context that is based upon modern science and mathematics and thus intellectually understandable by someone with adequate technical training in much less time and less effort.

They might not believe it, as being trapped in materialism. They might not be able to directly experience it as ancient and modern mystics have done by direct apprehension, outside of an intellectual analysis and understanding. But instead of being incomprehensible in the world of science as metaphysics couched in mystical language, it is metaphysics couched in the language of modern science and mathematics and entirely comprehensible in the world of science and for anyone who is willing to accumulate the required range of knowledge of varied subjects within physics, mathematics and digital technology. As noted, that doesn't mean that they accept it as a description of the nature of reality. But it is believed that that will come as science is being driven towards it by the recognition of the power of Consciousness as an explanation of so much being discovered in so many fields of science in recent years.

Comments by Tom Campbell on Modeling of Reality

Rather than create a paragraph or three on the following information provided by Tom Campbell on the My Big TOE Forums in a synopsis form, there is so much varied material to put the modeling of Reality into an understandable context that it seems much better to simply reference the whole thread. There is a discussion of the reality of the Model versus the reality of the CS. There is discussion of how we fit into the whole of that reality. There is also discussion that would seem to provide motivation for attempting this level of understanding. In all, a good introduction to the MBT model. Therefore, without further explanation, here is the link:

The Void of Ancient Metaphysics as the Origin of All That Is

Following is the entry point to the actual model. The following discussion of the Void leads into one of Tom Campbell's necessary two postulates upon which to begin the development of this model. Beginning here with an ancient concept puts Tom Campbell's model better in perspective as to how his work and discoveries actually fit into the understandings of the ancient past but with the understandings of modern science and mathematics and information technology added and included in the explanations. Here is the link to proceed on this guided tour of our Ultimate Reality:

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