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Your personal logic is what you use to make sense out of the data (your experience data base) you happen to have. If your personal logic is based on open-minded skepticism, than you have the best chance of what you think makes sense actually making sense in the big picture. Most people base their personal logic on cultural beliefs, fear and ego -- thus they have a very small probability that what they think makes sense actually makes sense in the big picture. Fundamental truth lives in the big picture, indeed, fundamental truth is what makes the big picture a big picture. Your personal logic is all that you have to go on.

The thing that is giving you problems, that is causing confusion, is that you must learn to accept uncertainty. One who develops his personal logic with open-minded skepticism must learn to live gracefully and productively with much uncertainty. To attain such grace and productivity while honoring the probabilities and possibilities that abound within your personal experience base, often requires that you exist apart from the herd -- a 6 sigma understanding bouncing around within an ocean of normal mediocrity.

One of your biggest growth challenges is to develop enough confidence in the quality of your personal logic to accept the inevitable uncertainty that must be a part of a process based upon open-minded skepticism. Do your best to get it as right as you can get it and then move forward fearlessly with what you know is most likely true. Do not look for certainty; there is precious little “certainty” that is not belief based.

The point is: if you are open and skeptical, there is always more to learn and new data to absorb and factor in – you deal in probabilities and possibilities rather than certainties because you must always be open to new data enabling you to discover new insights. Let those who are certain live forever with their errors. Be confident in knowing that your process of open-minded skepticism is the only process that has the possibility of converging to real knowledge.

Tom C

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