Loneliness and Emptiness

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Question: Have you at any time in your experiences experienced an emptiness with the realization there is no other with a crushing sense of loneliness like I can never describe?

Tom: No, never. Our reality system is what it is... our job is to become love which is all about other rather than self....and in the process of doing that we find joy, peace, and fulfillment. There are many others with whom we interact even though we are all one. It is the intent exercised during these interactions (along whatever path we take) that is significant, not the path, game, or goal. Reality is personal.

Growth, joy and peace, like reality and perspective, are personal -- and when actualized, exists at the being level.

Lonely is about self. Emptiness is about self.

Expectations that do not reflect truth can be a downer, but then the problem is the expectation, not the truth.

The glass is overflowing -- it only appears to be empty because one’s perspective is centered in self.

Let the downer go...find the joy of growing up and letting go of the self along with all of its beliefs, needs, fears, and expectations. Then your glass will be more than full.


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