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Love is a state of being composed of joy, peace, and sadness. It incorporates compassion and humility with no fear, no ego, and no delusion. Love is the opposite of fear (not hate). Love is the natural and the most basic expression of low entropy consciousness. Love is about others. Love is an outward pointing function, while ego is an inward pointing function.[MBT Trilogy 1]

As a technical term, it is defined as the absence of entropy in consciousness.[MBT Forum 1] The most profitable internal arrangement within a digital consciousness system is achieved when the various groups of bits interact cooperatively for long-term mutual profitability. It is this cooperative interaction at its best (lowest entropy) that is defined as love. Within consciousness, it exists as a continuum of quality from very little to very much.

Love is the goal of evolving consciousness working within the consciousness cycle. As you lower your entropy you increase your capacity to love. Love is your purpose.

Patience, humility, compassion, caring, etc. are all expressions of love. We be those things, as is appropriate, when we be love. Love is the natural state of being of a very low entropy consciousness. The greater our growth, the higher our quality, the more evolved our consciousness, the more spiritual we are, the lower our entropy, the more our Intent is rooted in love; the more our existence becomes an expression of love; The closer we are to outgrowing the constraints that define our individuation and create our separateness. When we grow enough to merge with AUM, we do not lose our memory or our history. We are still the uniquely evolved result of that unique entity experiencing a unique growth path -- what we lose is our ego and our separateness -- we become love, one with all that is, fully aware of our connectedness to everything. A clear goal-- but don't hold your breath till that happens -- it may take a while. [MBT Forum 2]

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