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Welcome to the

My Big TOE Wiki

As you will shortly see, there is not much yet to be seen. This is a beginning of great potential and we stand only at the threshold. So is my judgment in any case.

I suggest that Visitors for the first time consider visiting this page, specifically intended to provide information to new Visitors. All Visitors are welcome and we are eager to receive your comments and suggestions. elcome to Visitors

I suggest that those who are considering becoming members of the My Big TOE Wiki in order to more directly contribute to its construction visit this page before doing so. A great many considerations regarding membership will be explained here. Introduction for New Members

Navigation options standard to Wikis are available in the left margin in the top box. Many of these options contain only limited information at present since the Wiki has just come into existence. Thank you for your patience.

--Ted Vollers 14:51, 25 May 2011 (CDT)