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About My Big Toe (MBT)

My Big Toe (Theory of Everything) is a trilogy series written by Tom Campbell and is aimed to present a big picture paradigm shift by answering many of the unanswered questions existing in science today. It is based on the notion that we exist in a subjective reality, rather than an objective reality and strongly challenges the belief traps held conventional western science. This treats our world as virtual rather than being fundamental, but extends the concept to embrace the existence of multiple reality frames within which we do exist and can learn to parallel process.

This paradigm shift has more recently been gaining widespread acceptance today in the areas of Digital Physics. It provides a better model, with which to explain quantum physics and relativity, which is analogous to the Flat-Earth vs round Earth Model . Tom is at the forefront of this movement and presents his work through many interviews and presentations today. His books are freely available.

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Recent news

  • 2012-02-11: Detailed Double Slit Presentation
    The effects of the observer are described in this well-presented animation that explains how quantum particles become objective when measured and exist only as probability distributions otherwise.
  • 2012-02-4: Tom Campbell: Around The World: MBT Questions
    In this new video series, Around The World: MBT Questions, Arthur, from the UK, is the first to submit a question to Tom on the nature of our reality and Consciousness.
  • 2012-01-30: Tom Campbell: Accessing Information from History: Art, Music, and the Afterlife
    Tom explains the critical importance of existing at the being level, rather than the intellectual level, using art and music as examples.
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Message on Plans for the Wiki from Tom Campbell

I expect to be spending a lot of time writing in the wiki to develop this wiki as a reference document – a top notch encyclopedia of the nature of reality.

The forum had amassed a lot of extremely useful content (mine, yours{Ted}, and many excellent contributions and conversation threads from others). We need to capture that (you have already done some, if not most, of the work), put it into the wiki, and then go on to produce the “book”, the encyclopedic reference wiki, that we both envision as something new – a top quality, foundational work of science and metaphysics.