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About My Big TOE (MBT)

My Big TOE (Theory Of Everything) is a trilogy of books written by Tom Campbell {basically a work on Metaphysics} and is designed to present ideas leading to a Big Picture understanding and paradigm shift by answering many of the unanswered questions existing in science today. My Big TOE is conceived as a work of science, consistent with scientific principles of discovery and exploration of new knowledge, but presented at a level fully accessible to the general reader and without requiring mathematical and specialist based understanding of science. My Big TOE is based on the understandings that all of our reality as we experience it is based upon Consciousness and that we exist in a non physical subjective reality, rather than an objective physical reality. This strongly challenges the belief traps held by conventional and main stream Western science by treating our world as a Virtual Reality rather than an external, physical objective reality. My Big TOE extends the concept to include the existence of multiple Virtual Reality frames within which we exist simultaneously. It highlights that our Physical Matter Reality (PMR) is no more than a set of constraints defined by rules of physics that limit the information we receive that we interpret as physical. This Theory Of Everything also provides an understanding, as a model, of the Larger Consciousness System or LCS within which everything exists and is the fundamental base of all of our Reality. Essentially this new Paradigm makes those concepts and experiences considered as Paranormal or Psi based understandable as normal within this Bigger Picture understanding. This includes such experiences as The Placebo Effect, Quantum Entanglement, Precognition, Out of Body Experience (OOBE), Near Death Experience (NDE), After Death Communication (ADC) and even aspects of dreaming, particularly Lucid Dreaming. This new Paradigm also makes those ancient concepts and experiences known as Shamanism understandable in modern terms. This new Paradigm also makes those concepts and experiences of ancient mystics and metaphysicians of millennia past referred to as The Vedic Conception of Indra's Net understandable in modern terms and as a concept "parallel" to and congruent with My Big TOE. This new Paradigm also makes The Buddha's Conception of Reality as Illusion understandable in modern terms and as a concept congruent with Tom Campbell's conceptualization of this Virtual Reality that we experience ourselves as existing within.

This paradigm shift has recently been gaining more widespread acceptance in the area of Digital Physics and Quantum Mechanics that has been raising questions about the fundamental basis of physical reality and the role of Consciousness within it for about 100 years. It provides a better model with which to explain quantum physics and relativity which is analogous to the expansion from the Flat-Earth model to the Round Earth, Planetary Model. Tom Campbell is at the forefront of this movement in presenting a Theory Of Everything into which these developing ideas can fit. He presents his work currently through many interviews and presentations available for viewing on the affiliated sites listed and linked to in the left margin, MBT events and MBT youtube. Tom Campbell's books are readily available at many book stores but specifically over the Internet for order from the MBT main site and even reading completely at MBT google books, both affiliated sites listed and linked to in the left margin.

Specific Comments Regarding this My Big TOE Wiki

This Wiki is being developed as the intended 'cutting edge' source of information on the materials originally introduce by Tom Campbell within the trilogy of books, My Big TOE. Here will be provided further writings extending this original work by Tom Campbell and with some original work as his assistant, by Ted Vollers. This somewhat departs from the Wiki model, as in Wikipedia, as emulating an encyclopedia as presenting material sourced elsewhere and referenced from that encyclopedia. Much advanced material is simply not available elsewhere and is originally published here. Materials originally appearing in and excerpted from the My Big TOE Bulletin Board will be referenced to that source. All material so excerpted or written specifically for this Wiki is copyrighted by Tom Campbell and the applicable notice is available at the bottom of each page.

Directory/Contents/Index Page

This Main Page for the Wiki is being repurposed as the general entry page. The intent being to allow a more ready comprehension of the scope of information available here and to provide more ready access to it, minimizing searching for information. Therefore we provide now the following page to provide the functions as indicated in this subtitle.

For Newcomers

We suggest that Visitors for the first time consider visiting this following page, specifically intended to provide information to new Visitors. All Visitors are welcome and we are eager to receive your comments and suggestions.

We suggest that those who are considering becoming members of the My Big TOE Wiki in order to more directly contribute to its construction visit this page before deciding to request Membership. A great many considerations regarding Membership will be explained there. The following will be stated here that we will require anyone wishing to become a Member here on the Wiki to first become a member on Tom Campbell's Bulletin Board/Forum. There you can demonstrate you interest in and knowledge of and further learn what Tom Campbell teaches and become known to the Administration of the Board and also the Wiki. At the left page border under 'Affiliated Sites' is the link to this Forum.

The community portal page will now become more a page for messaging to and providing information to member/editors of the Wiki and no longer serve to provide links to general information pages. This will not be an instantaneous process but will require a period of transition until the Contents page becomes fully populated with information.

Navigation options standard to Wikis are available in the left margin in the top box. Many of these options contain only limited information at present since the Wiki has reasonably recently come into existence and is still very much under development. Thank you for your patience.

Recent News

  • 2014-06-21: Tom Campbell: What Defines a Real Scientist?
    The essence of this presentation is based on the conceptual understanding that significant changes that have the potential to change our world come against much engrained cultural intertia. Using his own informal socio-political and dry-style of humour, Tom explains that changes typically occur from the fringes and not in the mainstream, subject to the closed-minded criticism of Western fundamentalist agendas. An amusing listen to hear Tom's perspective relating to maintaining a career focus in this day and age. He wittingly unveils the unspoken politics that allow us pay the bills and maintain standing prominence with senior and well-respected Management, as we invariably grow towards increasing the quality of our consciousness.
Language: English

Message on Plans for the Wiki from Tom Campbell

I expect to be spending a lot of time writing in the wiki to develop this wiki as a reference document – a top notch encyclopedia of the nature of reality.

The forum had amassed a lot of extremely useful content (mine, yours{Ted}, and many excellent contributions and conversation threads from others). We need to capture that (you have already done some, if not most, of the work), put it into the wiki, and then go on to produce the “book”, the encyclopedic reference wiki, that we both envision as something new – a top quality, foundational work of science and metaphysics.


Unfortunately while Tom Campbell's intent for the Wiki has not changed, because of all of the travel that he now does to make presentations world wide and also on his YouTube channel, he has left responsibility for populating the Wiki to myself, Ted Vollers, and subject to my health limitations. My apologies for all delays in progress of this project.

Ted Vollers