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AJ Fisher: How will the use of this meditation affect me? I.e. what results would I expect to see?

Tom: Results are individual. In general, your personal reality will change as your perspective grows larger. A little like the difference between existing as a nine year old and then gradually over 11 years, existing as a 20 year old. Neglecting the obvious special physical conditions of puberty and size, what would you tell the nine year old to expect to see in 11 years?

AJ Fisher: Is this pin-point consciousness state a springboard for OBE? I.e. through consistent use, is OBE initiation possible in this state?

Tom: Yes. Once your awareness has left the physical – you are already out of the PMR reality frame. After that, your intent is in charge.

AJ Fisher: If so, is this initiation a "classic" OBE, or more of a phasing experience?

Tom: A “classic OOBE” is an OOBE the duplicates the experience, and thus the beliefs and limitations, of someone or several someone’s who have described their personal experiences to a wide audience. Reality frames are the way they are – it is individual interpretations that are different. I was once caught in that belief trap – experiencing (on demand) only classical OOBE -- eventually I learned that reality was much, much larger and more rational, consistent, and logically structured as limitations and beliefs fell away and a more coherent integrated big picture came into view.

AJ Fisher: I'm sure it ranges from individual, but how long (on average) through consistent use, would one be able to become proficient in using your technique, and be ready to step it up a notch e.g. start exploring other energy systems?

Tom: About 3 to 9 months to get sufficiently proficient at meditation and 3 to 19 years to eliminate the fear, beliefs and ego that limit your awareness -- that limit, what you can experience, and how you interpret what you do experience are very individual.

Tom C

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