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:[[Evolution]] Watching
:[[Evolution]] Watching
:[[The Big Cheese]] Editing
:[[The Big Cheese]] Watching
:[[PMR]] Watching

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This page is intended to provide an area in which each Member can indicate the pages on which they are currently working. I suggest, until experience shows otherwise, that Members indicate pages that they are editing currently and pages that they are watching for Visitor comments like this so we all know who is taking what responsibility if we need to comment on a page. We can then comment on that Member's Talk page to give them information or suggestions. This is as far as I can take this at present. You are welcome to figure out a better way.

Michael Saganski

Free Will Watching
Astral Body Watching
Intent Watching
Love Watching
Entropy Watching
Consciousness Watching
IUOC Watching
Decision Space Watching
LCS Watching
Evolution Watching
The Big Cheese Watching
PMR Watching

Darryl Rogers

Introduction for New Members Watching
Instructions For Wiki Editors Watching
Planned Pages Watching
Members Work Areas Watching
Category:Experiencing the Larger Reality Editing and Watching
Category:Personal Evolution and Growth Editing and Watching

Ted Vollers

Welcome To Visitors Watching
Planned Pages Watching
Members Work Areas Watching
Privacy policy Watching
About Watching
General Disclaimer Watching
Community Portal Watching
Current Events Watching
Record of Wiki Creation Watching
Main Page Watching
Biography: Thomas W. Campbell, Jr. Watching
Review of My Big TOE:1st by Ted Vollers Locked Watching
Review of My Big TOE:2nd by Ted Vollers Locked Watching
An Independent Review of My Big TOE Locked Watching
Communication between PMR and NPMR Watching
The Void Watching
The Quickened Void Watching
Introduction to the MBT Model Watching
Cellular Automata Watching

David Mathis

Acronyms and Terminology Specific to My Big TOE Watching
  1. I have noticed that the use of acronyms is not consistent on this wiki. It seems that perhaps we should stick to the acronym methods used in the Trilogy. Here's what I suggest:
    1. I will create a page called Acronyms and Terminology Specific to My Big TOE. This will be a mirror of the acronym pages found in book 1, 2 and 3. This page will have the Acronyms listed in a table with the Descriptive Names out beside each Acronym. The Descriptive Names will point to the actual pages for the Descriptive Names.
    2. Each Descriptive Name page will have a twin acronym name page that will simply redirect to the Descriptive Name page. For example in the table there will be the Acronym IUOC with Individuated Units of Consciousness out beside it as the Descriptive Name. If a person is on the List of Acronyms page the Descriptive Name (Individuated Units of Consciousness) will internally link to the internal Descriptive Name page. If a person is on any other page they should not be seeing Descriptive Names, instead they should be seeing Acronyms (IUOC) just like in the Trilogy.
    3. With this new setup it will allow the editors to simply use the acronyms as internal links in their pages and with the redirects in place this will land visitors directly on the Descriptive Name pages if they click the acronym.
    4. Each Descriptive Name page will be in a category that will allow all of the Descriptive Names to be grouped together on a category page that will also point back over to the Acronyms and Terminology Specific to My Big TOE page.
    5. Everyone will agree to use only the Acronyms in their pages once this is in place and instructions will be added to the editor instructions page.
    6. I will create the initial Descriptive Names page and the redirects. It will be everyone's job to fill in content for the Descriptive Name pages.
    7. Community Portal updated to include Acronyms and Terminology Specific to My Big TOE