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:[[My_Big_TOE_Wiki:About|About]]  Watching
:[[My_Big_TOE_Wiki:About|About]]  Watching
:[[General_disclaimer|General Disclaimer]]  Watching
:[[My_Big_TOE_Wiki:General_disclaimer|General Disclaimer]]  Watching
:[[Community_portal|Community Portal]]  Watching
:[[My_Big_TOE_Wiki:Community_portal|Community Portal]]  Watching
:[[Current_events|Current Events]]  Watching
:[[My_Big_TOE_Wiki:Current_events|Current Events]]  Watching
:[[Record_of_Wiki_Creation|Record of Wiki Creation]]  Watching
:[[Record_of_Wiki_Creation|Record of Wiki Creation]]  Watching

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This page is intended to provide an area in which each Member can indicate the pages on which they are currently working. Inserted below is an example area. I suggest, until experience shows otherwise, that Members indicate pages that they are editing currently and pages that they are watching for Visitor comments like this so we all know who is taking what responsibility if we need to comment on a page. We can then comment on that Member's Talk page to give them information or suggestions. This is as far as I can take this at present. You are welcome to figure out a better way.

Ted Vollers: --Ted Vollers 12:12, 25 May 2011 (CDT)

Welcome To Visitors Watching
Introduction for new Members Watching
Planned Pages Watching
Members Work Areas Watching
Privacy policy Watching
About Watching
General Disclaimer Watching
Community Portal Watching
Current Events Watching
Record of Wiki Creation Watching
Main Page Watching