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The Concept of a Meta Reality

Taken from Wikipedia, a useful historical basis for the prefix, Meta, is as follows. "Meta- (from Greek: μετά = "after", "beyond", "adjacent", "self"), is a prefix used in English (and other Greek-owing languages) to indicate a concept which is an abstraction from another concept, used to complete or add to the latter."

This covers our use of the prefix here in the concept of a Meta Reality. The My Big TOE conception of Reality is the Larger Consciousness System, the LCS which is also metaphorically referred to in its present state of development as AUM. Here we take this concept of a Meta Reality to consist of a Reality which while existing within the Reality of AUM/the LCS, also can be considered to exist after, as in the sense of because of, beyond as being in a sense removed from and existing on and adjacent or above as existing in parallel within AUM/the LCS but somehow separate. Within this Meta Reality, Absolute Free Will is the basis of this 'separateness' from the LCS and is available to the participating entities (IUOCs) within that Meta Reality.

The Containing or Base Reality of the Larger Consciousness System (LCS)

The real and only Reality is the LCS. Think Cellular Automaton. Think deterministic, that what happened is now fixed and unchanging, but still accessible to be read. Think that there is a NOW point as the active, focal state plane of the LCS and there is an unfixed, but still deterministic in terms of interactions of reality cells, future but only probable in terms of eventually happening. Think that at the NOW plane, the probable future is converted into the fixed past, probable future becomes fixed past. But how can this deterministic Reality have any Consciousness as Free Will is required for Consciousness and what we are describing is deterministic and therefore fixed. Know it now and know it into the future, no change allowed. We need a flexible reality to allow Consciousness the opportunity to change and have free will. But we can't change this Reality as it is deterministic and all we have and if we could, then we lose all memory as the past would disappear the instant it was created as it would become inaccessible. You can't travel (remember) from state to state in a CA unless it is deterministic from state plane to state plane.

The First Meta Reality to Arise: AUO

The solution to the problem proposed in the previous paragraph is the creation of a Meta-Reality The first meta reality to arise within the LCS, which at that time was still developing as the state referred to as AUO, came into being as the stage which permitted the development of The One Consciousness to develop because it permitted the proto-IUOCs to interact with Absolute Free Will over the proto-RWW as described within the description of Tom Campbell's Model resulting eventually in the arising of Consciousness. The Developing Meta Reality This Absolute Free Will is as opposed to the deterministic state change within the reality cells of the LCS according to the Rule Set of the LCS as a Cellular Automaton.

The NPMR Virtual Realities as Meta Realities

The next stage development of Meta Realities was the development of the NPMRs. Here Consciousness was provided to the IUOCs individually, converting them from proto-IUOCs to actual IUOCs by permitting them to communicate with absolute free will in groups and with The Big Computer as an NPMR. TBC provided the organization and intercommunication with AUO. A certain fraction of the total state change cycles of AUO was devoted to the NPMR Meta Realities.

The PMR Virtual Realities as Meta Realities

The final type of development of Meta Realities was the development of the PMRs. Here Consciousness was provided to the IUOC again by The Big Computer as an intermediary to AUO and with the added development of a Virtual Reality Rendering Engine or VRRE aspect to TBC which provided the perception of the physical aspects of PMR. One state change out of a block of state changes devoted to NPMR was devoted to PMR. This still provided a basic state change for PMR that is vastly faster than PMR science can detect.