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The word metaphysics derives etymologically and semantically from the Greek words μετά (metá)("beyond", "upon" or "after") and φυσικά (physiká) ("physics"). This information comes from the Wikipedia page on Metaphysics. There is no worthwhile value in attempting to go into greater depth of reference scholarship here when Wikipedia is available. [1] Because of the nature of the specific understanding of the nature of Consciousness and the Larger Consciousness System (LCS) expounded here, we specifically take the meanings for the prefix meta as meaning beyond and upon or over rather than the meaning of after, the latter having caused problems of understanding in the past and is specifically not applicable within this TOE. In the case of metaphysics, we refer to beyond the physics of our normally experienced reality of Physical Matter Reality or PMR. In the case of metareality we refer to upon or over a base reality.

Metaphysics as Defined within My Big TOE

Metaphysics as defined and used in the context of My Big TOE does not mean either supernatural or spiritual as it tends to be thought of commonly. Within this TOE, there is neither the supernatural nor the spiritual as they are normally defined and understood. This TOE describes an understanding of the reality within which we find ourselves to exist where there is nothing supernatural as in not being fully understandable and describable as other than part of the Reality as ordinarily understood within this TOE. Understanding of this TOE provides understanding of all of reality with inherently no separation between ordinary and supernatural reality. This usage of metaphysics does explain the fundamental nature of being within Reality and the fundamental nature of that reality as the LCS and of the metarealities known as Virtual Realities within the underlying LCS.

There is also nothing spiritual as the term is ordinarily taken and nothing as included among the various sub definitions of spiritual as given within the Merriam-Webster on line dictionary is included as part of this TOE. [2] Specifically, the following are undefined and not included within this TOE. Spirit, sacred matters ecclesiastical matters, religious values, related or joined in spirit, supernatural beings nor spiritualism. Where any of these matters might be considered to be touched on within this TOE, it is to be pointed out that these considerations are fully explained as within ordinary Reality as this TOE is literally a Theory of Everything.

There is within this TOE a description of ontology [3] within the metaphysics of My Big TOE. The nature of being as Individuated Units of Consciousness (IUOC)s and also as these IUOCs interact together as AUM, the Absolute Unbounded Manifold is described and it is explained that nothing else fundamentally exists except for AUM and as our selves as IUOCs and other IUOCs other than in a Virtual manner as a simulation within a metareality or VR. There is within this TOE a description of cosmology [4] within the metaphysics of My Big TOE which describes the cosmology of the LCS as opposed to the cosmology of what present science takes as this solar system, this galaxy and the greater totality of other galaxies that appear to be 'out there' upon examination by PMR science. Thus we also have a special definition of ontology and cosmology within the metaphysics of My Big TOE which describes existence as Consciousness only with nothing else existing except as a virtual simulation.

Mind and Consciousness within My Big TOE

Fundamentally within the metaphysics of My Big TOE, nothing exists except Consciousness. The LCS exists to support the creation and maintain the existence of Mind as The One Consciousness. There is fundamentally nothing else existing beyond this one thing which Tom Campbell has also called the Absolute Unbounded Manifold, AUM, representing its present state of development. The One Consciousness finding itself 'alone' developed a method and system of Virtual Realities to provide consciousness to each of us as IUOCs where we had naturally formed as part of the Oneness that became The One Consciousness. These VRs are metarealities as that they exist beyond or upon the base reality of the LCS and thus the IUOCs are provided with free will within the VR and we can evolve our Quality of Consciousness. We were thus given the gift of Consciousness by AUM as it became AUM in the creation of myriads of Non Physical Matter Realities, NPMRs and Physical Matter Realities, PMRs within which we experience ourselves to exist as conscious entities.

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