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In a nutshell:

It is a matter of language, metaphors, models, how we communicate, and on what level we communicate. It is also a matter of not confusing reality with the model of reality. Not confusing metaphorical description with what is being described.


We in PMR have a propensity, indeed a need, to define everything into its own separate pigeon hole. We do that because the PMR rule-set creates a reality of separate objects and separate beings so that we may learn through interaction. That is all we know so we project it onto everything. Consequently, the schemes we think up (guides, soul, oversoul, higher self, planes, chakras etc.) with everything separated, labeled, and given its proper unique function constitute our models of reality. The value and usefulness of these models is that they allow us to communicate ideas to others who cannot think in any other terms (almost everybody). To communicate, one must speak to others in terms of concepts that can be comprehended. Learning must take place in sequential stages of personal discovery. Talking truth that flies "over the head" of others without careful explanation, just confuses rather than educates -- as you have been confused by conflicting accounts of "guides" and "soul" existing and not existing. Teachers exhibiting their command of the truth without sufficient care often confuse (retard the growth of) many, many more people than they help (advance the growth of). Such groups become esoteric with only the “insiders”, the “enlightened” ones, really knowing and understanding deeply. The “secret” or lofty knowledge of such groups is held in high esteem, as are its leaders. Of course, the burden of communicating is not only upon the teachers. Casual students often take words out of context, misinterpret meaning, and are drawn toward the mystique of superior knowledge like moths to light. Some cultures encourage this largely dysfunctional educational paradigm more than others.

What consciousness is and the responsibility for explaining it to others: Consciousness is one integrated whole thing. It is awash in a flurry of integrated activity that would put all the great cities on this planet, taken as one together, to shame – A swirl of information transfer that ebbs and flows, comes together and disappears, attends needs, provides data, and lowers its entropy by employing a few billion parts of itself in virtual reality trainers, and many more billion parts to produce, service and optimize the VRs and the opportunities of those engaged in the VR trainers. That is what it does – we are part of a bigger animal called consciousness. We are all of The One – we are it, it is us. We break it into functional pieces so we can comprehend it more easily and can talk about in a meaningful way to others. If we didn’t do this, we would appear to the majority of the world’s people like vaguely coherent, self-appointed cult leaders – enlightened masters living in our own opaque world constructed of our own undecipherable truth – teaching few, affecting little outside of our tiny circle of followers (tiny compared to the rest of humanity). We, who would try to make a more significant difference, must understand that everybody must interpret their own personal reality from the experience base, understanding, beliefs, and fears that they happen to have. To tell them, “here is the truth, go sink or swim with it”, is not all that helpful. Discovering knowledge and truth is terrific – discovering knowledge and truth and sharing it with others is better. Enlightenment is useless to all but itself, if its truth is invisible to those who need it – if its message confuses more than it helps.

Leveling up – a growing pain:

As people's level of understanding grows, a problem begins to occur when the models they have unfortunately come to believe in (are trapped by), i.e., the models they learned in elementary school (that were communicated to them using metaphors and conceptualizations they could understand), no longer accurately or consistently describe the reality they experience (recall the basketball with bbs flying around it was science’s initial model of the atom). This is a problem generated by individuals believing that their model of reality is reality -- a common error among scientists and non-scientists alike.

What your uncle never told you about reality: You have heard me say in these forums many times that guides are merely metaphors expressing a form of help the larger consciousness system provides to encourage and aid our evolution. Also that “Higher selves” or "Over-souls” are also merely metaphors for that non-PMR functionality of our consciousness – that we and our higher selves are one fully integrated thing, not separate things with separate functions.

Add souls, IUOCs, Indra’s Net, RWW, TBC, AUM, VRRE, OS, and everything else that we have functionally defined as a separate component of the larger reality to that list of “merely metaphors”. None of it exists -- not as separate objects/beings/stuff/units. It’s all virtual. Consciousness itself is the only fundamental reality – everything consciousness creates out of that vast informational field is virtual. Consciousness and free will are logically necessary for each others existence -- evolution requires free will, consequently, that attribute is doled out wherever the engine of evolution requires it. Our VR is one such engine and we are (as the free will enabled stars of this game, of course) what makes that particular engine work. Like the Freon in a refrigerator or the exploding gasoline and pistons in an internal combustion engine, we go round and round, decreasing entropy on each pass as we go. Chug, chug, chug. Do your part.

Do you like this model better?

Pick a model, any model…but pick one that is productive for you: A model is not judged on accuracy alone, but also on what value it can deliver. The above model, though less encumbered by habits of PMR thinking, will deliver little value to most of the world’s population. If you are grown up enough to absorb and feel the beauty of this model and celebrate the joy and peace that comes with being a valuable part of The One Whole Thing, and if you are evolved enough to be thrilled with the idea that by your hard work and diligence, you have the blessed opportunity to become a contributor to the survival, success, and continued existence of existence itself, then you have come home to snuggle up contentedly in the lap of The One Consciousness-Evolution Fractal Digital Love Being/Machine. If, on the other hand, your giant ego roars in self-focused infuriation at the thought that you suffer through life after life, being shoved this way and that, whipped by fear and pain like a dog, in order to serve as the Freon in the evolution chamber of some monster consciousness information system, then you are probably sorry that you asked this question and finally got a straight answer. In either case, don’t believe that this model is the real reality either. It is just a model. Don’t confuse the model of reality with reality. Some models may be more accurate than others but their productivity to your growth is much more important than accuracy. Besides, accuracy is very difficult and problematical to assess. Learn to reduce your ego and fear to the point that you can live gracefully with uncertainty.

Tom C

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