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*[[Review_of_My_Big_TOE:2nd_by_Ted_Vollers|Review of My Big TOE:2nd by Ted Vollers]]
*[[Review_of_My_Big_TOE:2nd_by_Ted_Vollers|Review of My Big TOE:2nd by Ted Vollers]]
*[[An_Independent_Review_of_My_Big_TOE|An Independent Review of My Big TOE]]

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This is our limited and to get started community portal. There is not much to be seen at present and much to be done.

If you are a visitor, we welcome your comments on any 'talk', that is Discussion, page. We welcome your thoughts on what to do and how to do it better. Check our page Welcome to Visitors

If you wish to join and become a member, you might check out this page: Introduction for New Members

We offer the following basic pages with material on Tom Campbell and reviews of My Big TOE.

Other than this, we really have no extensive public content at present as we are just beginning to build our roster of Members other than the 'building' construction team and we are still busy sweeping the sawdust up off the floors and possibly doing a little touch up on the paint. So there is not yet a great deal to do but walk around craning our necks and gawking at the vast empty space we have still to fill with useful and entertaining information. If you would like to take on part of that job, then consider whether you would want to enlist as a Member. We have long pages of planned pages as our To Do list. We have pages presently under creation and not yet ready to be viewed. Check often as additions are made daily.

We do now have the following page for the attention of Members as Editors.

--Ted Vollers 13:45, 25 May 2011 (CDT)