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The Webmaster and Wiki Administration and Members welcome any and all constructive criticism and helpful suggestions. As a Wiki striving to emulate an encyclopedia in quality within its chosen range of subject matter, as Editors, we are concerned with language mechanics and presentation issues such as:

  • Typographical errors and spelling
  • Factual errors, alternate interpretations
  • Quality of prose, word usage, style, grammar
  • Structural and organizational problems
  • Suggestions for additions and deletions to the text
  • Suggestions for additional content
  • Other matters of consideration to more experienced Wiki Editors

All are invited to present such concerns on the Discussion pages of the Wiki.

Rants and Raves do not belong here on the Wiki discussion pages. Please take those to:

As a work of science, contemplative exploration and speculative metaphysics, no responsibility can be taken for damage to your beliefs, psyche and any resulting angst, either here or in the hereafter. Tom Campbell constantly advises all and sundry to maintain an open minded skepticism and develop your own Theory of Everything.

With special regards to any articles within the Wiki related to or describing healing by Intent, the following specific disclaimers are made:

  • No promises are made and no results are guaranteed.
  • No medical advice is given.
  • Do not fail or delay to follow such medical advice and treatment prescribed by trained and licensed medical practitioners.
  • Do not stop your prescribed medication or cease medical care.
  • Note that if the probability wave has been collapsed into an actual instance of a disease or medical condition, you need your medical care as prescribed and can only supplement this with healing by Intent.

The Editors and Administrators of this Wiki at every level are unpaid volunteers. They have been selected with some care but are neither trained archivists, encyclopedists, librarians nor Editors. No responsibility for completeness or accuracy of articles can be accepted. The information herein is offered free of charge to all with the best of good intent but no responsibility, legally or morally, can be accepted based upon errors or omissions herein.

--Ted Vollers 13:44, 24 May 2011 (CDT)