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The following terms of service apply to all Members of the My Big TOE Wiki and are accepted as a requirement for Membership. If you do not accept these terms, you will not be or become a Member.

  • All Members are volunteers and will receive no compensation in any form from any individual, group, or organization, for any services of any type.
  • No Member acquires any copyright rights in any material that they create or put together from the Bulletin Board of or from other sources.
  • Members acknowledge that any copyrights to the My Big TOE Wiki existing as are the property of Tom Campbell, author of My Big TOE upon which books the contents of the Wiki are largely based, understanding that Tom Campbell has effectively placed such material so published in the My Big TOE Wiki in the public domain.
  • Members acknowledge that they bear the primary responsibility to ensure that no copyrighted work is entered into the Wiki unless it bears the written approval of the copyright holder although this is not an individual legal responsibility of the Member. Members also bear the primary responsibility to protect against the posting of advertising, obscene or other undesirable material on the Visitors commenting pages.
  • Members agree to operate as much as practical within the boundaries and procedures established by the management of the Wiki. Where such procedures and boundaries of action are unclear or do not yet exist, to seek direction from said management or advise them concurrently of actions taken ad hoc.
  • Members agree to accept removal of Membership for cause as determine by the Management of the My Big TOE Wiki without recourse to legal action in any venue or at any future date.
  • Members agree that upon termination of Membership, they will return any and all property of the My Big TOE Wiki promptly upon request and without recourse to legal action in any venue or at any future date.
  • Members acknowledge that there are no residual benefits to Membership in the My Big TOE Wiki other than as may be created within their actual being as Individuated Units of Consciousness as improved Quality of Consciousness.
  • Members are to understand that the intent of these Terms of Service are not intended as a 'one way street' but are a necessity of modern society. The true gain to the individual as a Member is anticipated to be by interaction with other Members at the highest level of Intent and result in the greatest lowering of entropy possible.
  • Members are to expect to find a loving atmosphere here and to participate in the creation of same.
  • Members should consider themselves to be participating in a valuable and valued service to the Larger Consciousness System rather than in an economic or otherwise characterizable activity.

Agreement to these Terms of Service will be signified in the designated place on the electronic form requesting Membership, creating a legally binding agreement, and is a requirement for being accepted as a Member.

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