OOBE, Imagination, and Growing Up

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Q: This is going to sound weird but it’s an easy way start accessing/awareness with visuals and communication, close your eyes and just start imagining something, yes you will be using your imagination, make it up in your own head as you go along and you may notice things starting to take off on their own, things will start to come that you know were not from your own mind. 'start talking to a deceased relative, just make up a normal conversation about stuff with them, it may take a few min but you might be surprised at what you start perceiving. or take a swim in a pool, feel the water and actually be there like you are swimming, take a look around the pool or lake if you notice anyone, strike up a conversation with them, Again it may take a few min of imagining before you start to notice. FYI: this has not worked 100% of the time for me but more than not it has. I would like Toms input on this one, I haven't seen it on this board but I have had some very interesting experiences this way.

Tom: You suggested: "close your eyes and just start imagining something..."

How is this different than visualizing the soccer ball, or repeating a mantra? Let's say you start imagining a conversation with Uncle Fred. That act of imagining pushes out all other thoughts and pretty soon, if you really get into it, it is only you and Uncle Fred in your awareness and you have just left PMR behind. Now, while you are no longer aware in the physical (you are now officially out of your body) and while your intent is focused on Uncle Fred, guess who you are likely to start engaging? Yes, no other than Uncle Fred or some other rabbit hole that has an Uncle Fred association because that is what you are thinking about and that thinking might just happen, in an instance of good luck, to contain a single clear intent (signal) for perhaps a second or two if you are not too scatterbrained and drifting about. If you are scatterbrained and your thoughts are just drifting around, you will get nothing coherent because your consciousness is not coherent. We practice meditation to avoid that particular ending.

Now, is this really dead Uncle Fred you are talking to? Maybe, but probably not. More likely you are picking up the Uncle Fred theme in either the past actualized or unactualized data bases. If your thoughts are all general plain vanilla “Fred sure was a nice guy” sort of stuff you get nothing of interest back. If your mind (consciousness & intent) happens to latch onto a more focused thought (intent) going in some specific direction or toward some specific inquiry, then, and only then, are you likely to get some specific information input into your mind. About this time you begin to notice (because of the specificity of the data) that the data you are receiving is not organic to your own experience data base. Now you are on to something. Pursue it and experiment – collect some evidential data if you can manage to ask the right questions that lead to evidential data. Asking Uncle Fred what his favorite color was or if he was happy and loved his wife won’t deliver much evidential data. You are querying a data base, so don’t ask Fred to tell you a checkable secret. Would you ask the Google data base to tell you a checkable secret? Repeat this exercise 100 times or until you get good at it – nice, you get good at: letting completely go of PMR, focusing your intent on some specific task, narrowing that task so you can probe for some specific evidential feedback, clearly receiving and interpreting the data you get, and doing experiments and ollecting and checking evidence to prove to yourself that the data was not just something you made up. Simple – except you should have noticed that there was lots of opportunity to take branches where you end up with nothing coherent or useful.

All a mantra does in meditation is push extraneous thoughts out of your mind. Imagining a soccer ball or following your breathing does the same thing. So does reading a captivating book, but reading leaves your mind occupied with the story instead of blank, open, and paying attention to what might come into it, and ready to focus on a well thought out intent that leads you to evidence. You see, getting out of body, at least for a few minutes is entirely natural, almost trivial, something almost everyone does with little effort, while making the experience stable and doing something useful with it is much more challenging.

Most of those having or wanting to have OOBE are focused only on making the experience stable. Few ever go beyond that. Many, having gained stability, eventually let it go once they discover that OOBE holds little value from the viewpoint of their ego or their intellect. OOBE experiences do not automatically reduce your ego or lower your entropy. They may give you a somewhat different set of opportunities to do that because of the bigger picture they impart, but the easiest and most natural thing for a human, awash in his culture, to do with that bigger picture is to wrap it in a mantle of belief and thus nullify its value. You still have to grab that opportunity and find a way to use it to fundamentally change who you are. If your focus is on evolving the quality of your consciousness, becoming love, rather than having OOBE on demand, then you odds of achieving that fundamental change are much greater.

Tom C

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