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We will begin to note a pattern of behavior at this point that we will note as repeating into the future as the Consciousness System continues to develop itself as AUO. That is that anything worth doing once with good results is worth doing many times over with a spectrum of variations on the design. In conformation with the Evolutionary Principle, the results of these variations will be observed and future developments will be based upon the observed results. Unproductive options will be permitted to fade away if some modification will not make the results more fruitful. Note that this does not mean the end of any IUOCs involved. They need merely to move their activities to another more suitable and fruitful VR.

With Success, Increase the Experimental Scale

With apparent success observed as improvements in the IUOCs involved and additional novelty in the (internal) environment through contact with them, AUO proceeds to large scale implementation of variations on the concept of NPMR type Virtual Realities. The range of experiments with sizes of NPMRs as measured by number of IUOCs, variations of the types and capabilities of the IUOCs involved and more than we could likely guess in the way of experimental variation, AUO starts a large scale creation of NPMR type VRs. The existing state of so vastly many NPMRs makes it clear that this was done as having been found to be a valuable behavior. The degree of effort involved would not be great. Create a new instantiation of The Big Computer or initiate a new process with new parameters and assign IUOCs to it as participants and you have a new NPMR.

Analysis of this process makes it appear likely that the addition of novelty and an expanded experience range was of great and immediate value to AUO. It would seem even from our remote point of view to amount to an improvement of the Quality of Consciousness of AUO by virtue of these values gained. AUO no doubt continued to improve its technique of experimentation and the actual implementation of these VRs. There would be an expectation of two values from two directions. The creation of consciousness as experienced by the IUOCs provides novelty and direct improvement of the Quality of Consciusness of the AUO by virtue of interaction with them. AUO's interaction with them by way of what we have come to call The Big Computer as the obvious interface between the VR participants and AUO keeps AUO fully 'in the loop' in that manner. Then there is the indirect benefit to AUO as the presence and actions of consciousness during these interactions within the developing 'mind' of what was previously a simple node of functioning within AUO will create improvements within that functioning. This reduction in the disorder or entropy within the participant IUOCs has a secondary direct effect as it improves the functionality of the IUOC as it participates within the whole of AUO and therefore improves the functioning, the reduction of disorder and entropy, of and within AUO itself.

AUO has discovered a powerful tool for enriching its experience, its own Quality of Consciousness, as well as created a vast number of companions to interact with and observe in their interactions together. Part of this improved QoC is likely to be discovered as a new thing which we as humans call an emotion. That is its reaction to the creatures which it has created, in a sense its children (a totally unknown concept), and with the further understanding that they are part of its own self. In the limited scope of available words of the English language, that word is love. In a more extended search for an appropriate word or term, it probably is more a matter of cherishing of the parts by the whole. Also a matter of a substantial feeling of satisfaction in terms of what AUO has done for itself, solving its own problem creatively in breaking out of the 'box' of Consciousness Space in a meta reality with billions of companions.

Next Stop, AUM

As more and more NPMRs are created, AUO may find the time requirements as state changes of CS for these interactions to begin to encroach upon its own necessary RWW communications for its own internal functionality. A new creative solution to this problem is well within AUO's capabilities.

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