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Mathematics is the logic of quantity, and as such, it is limited. All things that are significant cannot be reduced to quantity. Thus there is much beyond the reach of math. Most things that are significant in the big picture are beyond the reach of math. In a physical reality like PMR, quantity appears to be fundamental because the rule set that generates PMR operates upon quantity -- ours is a simulated world whose mechanics can be described by relationship between quantities because that is how it is simulated.

Virtual realities run on statistics. However a virtual reality is in itself not fundamental – it is a tool created to provide interactive learning opportunities. Our math reflects our environment, our rule set for our reality, but it won’t help you grow up or assimilate experience at the being level because these are activities of consciousness that do not answer to the mechanics of quantity or interaction. One must separate the description and mechanics of a tool, from the processes of being that created the tool.

It is unlikely that PMR math or physics will ever describe consciousness because PMR is the subset and consciousness is the superset. The subset cannot describe the superset.


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