Personal Evolution and Growth -- Quality of Consciousness

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(This page is currently being edited and is incomplete)

Your Quality of Consciousness is equivalent to your current state of evolution and being. Your current state of Entropy

Nothing else is more important to you.

Quality of Consciousness defines your own personal power. It defines the strength of your conscious Intent. You cannot access understanding, knowledge and wisdom that lies beyond your own current state of Quality of Consciousness. "Faking it" or pretending won't work. Your must evolve your Being to a higher level -- to a higher Quality of Consciousness -- in order to be able to access knowledge and understanding that now lies beyond you.

Neither can you shortcut the process by listening to the words of a more advanced Being. Although this may give you some ideas as to how to proceed in the right direction for your growth and evolvement, you STILL will not be able to grasp the advanced information at a deep enough level while at your current lower evolutionary level or Quality of Consciousness. There are no shortcuts. Each Being must evolve and advance his Quality of Consciousness in his own unique way. Greater personal power, knowledge, and understanding will come as you advance towards Love -- discarding fear and ego along the way.

There is no way to game the system -- only your own hard work towards evolving and lowering your entropy will work. Nobody can grow you, but you. The Higher Beings in NPMR are not going to give a .38 to a monkey. You have to grow. You have to BE more, to be allowed to DO more.

(To Be Continued)