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On this page, it is planned to list pages that we anticipate the need for that have not yet been created or if created, still in process. Editors are requested to leave their signature in the section for each new page and to indicate the phase of their work. If you 'claim' a page, please do so on the basis of reasonable expectations to begin work in the near future.

Many pages on the MBT Model. By Tom (as time is available) and Ted --Ted Vollers 04:07, 9 June 2011 (CDT)

Page for MBT Events. Perhaps Keith and Donna will provide this.

Page on Donna.

Page on Keith.

Page for the MBT Forums. Describe the range of different forums. That the Forums are the source for much of the information provided here.

Page for Brian Whitworth and his publications regarding Virtual Realities. Perhaps he will contribute towards this page. Perhaps he will permit including copies of his published papers on the subject to be posted as well as cited here.

Page for the paper on a MBT based morality by Tom's son Kristopher. Introduction plus the actual paper.

Page on Kristopher Campbell if he permits.

Someone to work their way through all of the 'Best Threads' on the BB. Convert the information to articles on the Wiki. Cite the original posts. Eventually the 'Best Threads' will be removed.

Someone to work their way through all of the 'Best Links' on the BB. Convert the information to articles on the Wiki. Cite the original posts. Eventually the 'Best Links' will be removed.

Someone to convert the 'Fellow Travelers' forum on the BB to articles on the Wiki. Eventually the 'Fellow Travelers' forum will be removed.

Start data mining the BB for old information in posts by Tom to convert into Wiki articles, cited back to the original posts.

A page entitled "Experiencing the Larger Reality" and associated subtopic pages which explain the various methods of potentially allowing personal access to NPMR. These pages will reference and explain the work of experienced people such as Thomas Campbell, Robert Monroe, Bruce Moen, Robert Bruce, Frank Kepple, and others. OBEs, Phasing, and related methods will be detailed. "Practical hints" to assist in the developments of this ability will be given. The importance of meditation and personal evolution to success will be stressed. Current Status: Beginning stages, collecting information and organizing for articles. --Darryl W. Rogers 19:16, 10 June 2011 (CDT)

UPDATE: "Experiencing the Larger Reality", because of it's potential size, was created as a subcategory page to the "Home" category. The pages underneath this subcategory will address its various aspects. --Darryl Rogers 22:20, 17 June 2011 (CDT)

A page with an alphabetical listing of all acronyms used in this Wiki and their meaning.

Acronyms and Terminology Specific to My Big TOE has been created by David Mathis and all pages expanding the acronyms. Further expansion of the pages with more information describing the material is in the works.

Make your own additions here and following.