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Precognition as well as its correlative Premonition are described in this WikiPedia article which need not be competed against for scholarship. [Precognition]

Based upon information provided by Tom Campbell in his trilogy My Big TOE what has previously occurred in this VR of PMR is recorded in an 'actualized' past data base and what is most probable to occur is recorded in an 'unactualized' future probable data base with Now designating the present instant of PMR delta t, demarcating the 'break point' between this continuum of past/future. Both of these data bases are accessible to IUOCs experiencing PMR and are available for subjective interpretation, particularly into the future tending to be more metaphorically interpreted. Thus neither Precognition nor Premonition are considered to be paranormal but rather inherent to the nature and functioning of a VR.

A description has been included of such a Precognition related to the attack on the World Trade Center referred to as 9/11 on the MBT Bulletin Board. 9/11 attack premonition This premonition was metaphorical and subjective as described above. The Psi Uncertainty Principle will make sure that this is so, normally.