Probability Field

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The concept of a Probability Field has many applications. To provide a general description here, which suffices for the purpose of this My Big TOE Wiki, consider a probability field as a mathematical description detailing the probability of existence of some entity, sub atomic to macroscopic in scale, or the variation of some attribute over a geometrical volume. Here the concept of an attribute is entirely general and may include such things as the probability of death of a PMR entity occurring at a specific time and place to the probability of winning the lottery. It is really that generic a concept. The reason being that My Big TOE describes the generation of PMR type Virtual Realities as being based upon the projection of probability fields ahead from system state to system state of the VR. These calculations are made by an instantiation of The Big Computer and then converted by the VRRE to create the experience of the IUOC participating in that particular VR.