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Onward With AUO

We have tracked the development of Consciousness Space until it became the AUO. All based upon means which could be considered, based upon studies of pure mathematics here in PMR, as inherent to the nature of our reality. Although there are so many random elements present, both in terms of the originating source and the subsequent development, it seems almost to be an inevitable development. We then approximated the basis upon which consciousness arose within AUO. We cannot know these steps in full as opposed to a logical development as we simply do not have the basis available to determine how the final step to consciousness can occur. We must refer to a final 'bootstrapping' stage to achieve consciousness. We are now engaged in the first known step of The One Consciousness as AUO to obtain companionship and further develop its own consciousness.

A Presumption as to Procedure

It is going to be presumed that as discussed on the previous page of Developing the First NPMR that The One would choose to participate in the “conversation” to provide guidance, just as a human parent talks to its infant children in order to gradually lead them to an understanding of language. In order to create the first NPMR, The One has set aside a block of consecutive system state changes to devote to the requirements of that first NPMR for this conversation to take place. Otherwise, based upon logic, how would the IUOCs know what was going on? They are integrated according to their functionality into AUO and their Union generates The One Consciousness based upon their intercommunication within the first Meta Reality created. They have no basis for further communication within their nature. If AUO does not 'prime the pump' by directing communications to them, will they not just 'sit there' with nothing to say to each other?

The nature of this communication is entirely unknown to us as it must have originated based upon the internal communications that empower The One Consciousness. We cannot even speculate that they would have even approximated the communications within present NPMRs as at this point, that development has not occurred and such communication is unlikely to spring fully developed from such minimal communication as is to be expected at this point in development. It also seems logical to assume that The One would have chosen to initiate this communication with and between its most well known, to The One, capable constituent IUOCs. As noted previously, these 'becoming' IUOCs have no reason to communicate until they are 'initiated' into this new mode, to them, of existence and interaction. This initial NPMR has no 'environment' to drive action and interaction. Particular IUOCs must be selected to join in this NPMR dialog. To maintain this as a limited dialog among designated IUOCs, it becomes necessary for there to be a 'gate keeper' function as the first instance of The Big Computer which receives communications from participating IUOCs and re directs them to the appropriate IUOCs. This is the likely form by which AUO interacts with and participates with the developing NPMR as the central point of control and communication.

Creating True IUOCs

While there is existing an extensive intra IUOC communication going on as they form by their union, AUO and the One Consciousness, this existing dialog has no connection to that which will come to exist once the IUOCs are in fact established as Individuated and functioning as Consciousnesses. That is what is being worked towards in this stage of our description of the development of AUO. Once this VR is fully established and the functionality 'tweaked' in the various experimental modes that AUO puts it through, we can expect that AUO generates a great many more NPMRs with varying functionality, creating further experiments in this new concept for a meta reality allowing more interactions and creating, in effect, new entities beyond or outside of AUO to participate in them. Since they exist in multitudes, obviously AUO chose to do so.

A Universe of NPMRs

The next page in sequence will discuss the creation of a myriad of NPMRs after this first trial. Success breeds copies and more success.

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