Spanish Translations of MBT Based Materials

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Welcome to the translated pages of Tom Campbell's My Big TOE into the Castilian Spanish language. May all readers find value within their lives from this material.

Thomas Campbell: Me Gran Teoría Del Todo

Translators: Traductores: Carlos Mondéjar Otero y Kathryn O’Flynn

Me Gran Teoría Del Todo by Tom Campbell - Front Matter

Front Matter
Title In English Page Linked In Spanish
Synopsis Not Available
Acknowledgements Not Available
Preface: Author's Note to the Reader Not Available
Forward: A Conceptual Orientation Not Available

My Big TOE by Tom Campbell - Libron 1: El Despertar

Section 1 ?
Chapter No. Title In English Page Linked In Spanish
1 1: Introduction to Section 1 1: Not Available
2 2: Hey Mister, You Want to Learn to Meditate? 2: Not Available
3 3: The Sacrificial Banane 3: La Banana Sacrificial
4 4: Watch That First Step, It's a Big One 4: Not Available
5 5: Is This Guy Monroe Nuts, or What? 5: Not Available
6 6: Face to Face with the Wizard of Whistlefield 6: Not Available
7 7: The Adventure Begins 7: Not Available
8 8: The Science of Altered States 8: Not Available
9 9: Breakthrough 9: Not Available
10 10: But Is It Real? 10: Not Available
11 11: If This is Tuesday, I Must Be in Physical Matter Reality 11: Not Available
12 12: End of an Era 12: Not Available
13 13: Once Upon a Time, a Long, Long Time Ago 13: Not Available
14 14: This Kid Is Weird Enough 14: Not Available
15 15: With a Little Bit of Help from My Friends: How's Your Love Life? 15: Not Available
16 16: Here We Go Again! 16: Not Available
Section 2 ?
17 17: Introduction To Section 2 17: Not Available
18 18: In The Beginning . . . Causality and Mysticism 18: En el Principio...Causalidad y Misticismo
19 19: Beware of the Belief Trap 19: Cuidado con la Creencia–Trampa
20 20: Causality in Every Dimension can Potentially Transform a Mystic into a Scientist from Inner Space 20: El que Cada Dimensión posea su propia Causalidad puede Potencialmente Transformar a un Místico en un Científico desde el Espacio Interno
21 21: Cultural Bias 21: Predisposiciones y Sesgos Culturales
22 22: The Right Attitude 22: La Actitud Adecuada
23a 23a: Who Ya Gonna Call? 23a: Not Available
23b 23b: (A Guide to Meditation & Meditation Technique - an Aside) 23b: Not Available

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