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Should this instead say that you are a FWAU, a part of an IUOC? My understanding is that an IUOC controls the data that feeds many FWAUs that are a part of it, or something to this effect. I am still new to this model so I might be wrong.

David asking BTW :). --David Mathis 10:52, 6 July 2011 (CDT)

Hehe, I see that now. :)

I am still a little hazy on all of the distinctions between a FWAU and an IUOC, other than that a FWAU is a subset of an IUOC that is specifically tasked for interacting in a PMR. But I thought that FWAU also has control over the PMR data feed as well (you can focus your Intent on things). In a sense yes it is probably more accurate to say that you are a FWAU which is part of an IUOC. I will add that in.

But when you go into other reality frames (NPMR or whatever), "you" aren't strictly your FWAU anymore either right? When I'm dreaming I certainly don't feel like my FWAU (even when lucid). That's why I like to just think of myself as an IUOC, as the distinctions aren't clear to me. What do you think? --Michael Saganski 11:11, 6 July 2011 (CDT)