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Review of My Big TOE:2nd by Ted Vollers

Ted Vollers 11:41, 30 May 2011 (CDT)

Ted, I may have told you this before, but it was this review that led me to MBT several years ago. I read all of the Monroe books about 3 years ago and had concluded that what Monroe had described was interesting and seemed to by a complex system of some sort. The problem for me was that the books didn't provide enough detail and left me wanting more. I continued to meditate and started reading other books that were unrelated to Monroe and resigned myself to the fact that nobody else had picked up where Bob left off.

Then a year or so later I was on Google before work one morning searching for "Joseph Campbell" after reading "The Power of Myth" and I came across your 2nd review of MBT. When I first started reading it I was thinking to myself "Wow, this sounds very similar to what Bob Monroe encountered while exploring consciousness". Then I was shocked and delighted when I read further and found that Tom was the physicist in book 2 and he had created a TOE based on it. This was precisely the detail that I was looking for elsewhere and I serendipitously (or was it synchronicity) stumbled across your site and found Tom's model.

I immediately ordered the books from Tom's site and have been reading them ever since (when the kids aren't needing attention). Thanks Ted, for this review. I really hope to grow my own Big TOE over the next few years. --David Mathis 18:46, 6 June 2011 (CDT)