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Review of My Big TOE:2nd by Ted Vollers[edit]

Ted Vollers 11:41, 30 May 2011 (CDT)

Ted, I may have told you this before, but it was this review that led me to MBT several years ago. I read all of the Monroe books about 3 years ago and had concluded that what Monroe had described was interesting and seemed to by a complex system of some sort. The problem for me was that the books didn't provide enough detail and left me wanting more. I continued to meditate and started reading other books that were unrelated to Monroe and resigned myself to the fact that nobody else had picked up where Bob left off.

Then a year or so later I was on Google before work one morning searching for "Joseph Campbell" after reading "The Power of Myth" and I came across your 2nd review of MBT. When I first started reading it I was thinking to myself "Wow, this sounds very similar to what Bob Monroe encountered while exploring consciousness". Then I was shocked and delighted when I read further and found that Tom was the physicist in book 2 and he had created a TOE based on continued research after departing the Institute. This was precisely the detail that I was looking for elsewhere and I serendipitously (or was it synchronicity) stumbled across your site / review and found Tom's model.

I immediately ordered the books from Tom's site and have been reading them ever since (when the kids aren't needing attention). Thanks Ted, for this review. I really hope to grow my own Big TOE over the next few years. --David Mathis 18:46, 6 June 2011 (CDT)

David, I truly think that Tom and I share the same TOE. What else like past history, I don't have a clue. He came from a different direction here and we have different ways of thinking to some extent but I totally believe that I am here to back up Tom and to do some adding to the details as in the VRRE and some other things. I have no contact with my 'roots' in NPMR, other than I do believe I have some limited info on past lives I have shared with a few people I have contact with. My life seems to have been relatively heavily planned in terms of steering me into the knowledge needed to fully understand Tom and even extend things a little. I don't have the abilities Tom has for exploring and 'speaking' but may have some other abilities that will expand the effect. Tom seems to want me to do my writing on my own and to manage the Wiki for him. At least he won't give me any direction so far when I ask. I'm glad that my contribution helped you get to where you are and where you are going. --Ted Vollers 19:07, 6 June 2011 (CDT)