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Created this page for notes back and forth. Carlos, I have put in indents for the asides. If you want the indents deeper, just add a :. Either a : (which does not print but inserts a blank) or an * (for a bullet) creates the same depth of indent so use bullets in the first indent and an equal number of :s for the following paragraphs. Do you want me to investigate whether we can make the text change as well? I went back and put in an alternate way to do the asides with indents and retaining the triangles for bullets. We just have to let the triangles indent like text and just use : to create the amount of indent wanted. If you like that better, I am willing to do it either way. I also added the materials at then end of the page to link to other pages. --Ted Vollers 14:05, 8 August 2012 (CDT)


Thank you so much; owed to your always welcome counsels I hope I can do the text corrections (indents) for myself. With refer to the bullets, I shall see as I progress. In fact, the bullets, once placed from .txt file to Wiki, appears as somewhat 'scrawny'. Thus while we find another type more 'consistent', the squared ones look nice (my personal bias to the triangles is not a gnostic one; I merely consider they tend to attract the reader's interest with a certain 'plus' of intensity). In any case, further checking just now done made me aware of the fact that it is impossible (at least to me) to fix a square bullet (*) at the end of the aside, and I do not love this, as it has an disturbing effect in the reading's fluency. If it were not possible to place such square bullet at the end, I would prefer the round one, which I see it is possible to place at the end.