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Initial Creation of a Link page for all of the MBT model pages.--Ted Vollers 10:59, 8 January 2012 (CST)


Whereas successive acts of clicking on the respective links (in the pages linked in the "Contents" box on this page (and below as well)) that fall under the (last) heading on each page "Navigation to other Model Pages", and directly under (the first-occurring) variously worded phrases the bulk of which include the word "next", will take the reader through the following (correct) sequence of pages:

• Advancing Towards Dim Consciousness • Proto IUOCs and Proto RWW • Proto IUOCs on the RWW • The True Absolute Unbounded Oneness,

both the "Contents" box on this page, and the sequential listing of page titles that follows it, *omit* mention of the page "Proto IUOCs on the RWW".

'hope this helps. Having read and rather well understood the content and intent of the page "Introduction for New Members", I'm submitting this "typo alert" as a "Visitor" only to be known by an (occasionally changing!) IP address. Nevertheless should you care to contact me for any reason you may do so at username nemodomi, at email service provider

Best wishes to you in your efforts here.